UFO hid behind clouds in Pakistan

July 11 of this year over the Pakistani city of Sialkot was
noticed a mysterious phenomenon. Eyewitnesses say that among
clouds in the sky seemed strange object, suspiciously similar
on a flying saucer. Inattentive watched could have confused this
UFO with a cloud, but more eyed witnesses immediately realized that
it’s about something that goes beyond the ordinary. Turning the video on
below, you can see this anomaly with your own eyes.

Unusual incident quickly became interested in the famous
Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring. According to the researcher, the Pakistanis
clearly observed the aircraft representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization, disguised as a cloud. The specialist notes that
Alien ships are doing it all the time, but this time something
went wrong, and the camouflage of the aircraft behaved strangely.
Thanks to this, it became clear how the object slowly swims over
real clouds

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