Ufologist published photos of aliens

Famous British specialist Tyler Glockner, lead
popular ufological channel “Secureteam10”, claims that
managed to get two old pictures of aliens made before
the advent of the digital age.

Such a discovery by a UFO researcher and extraterrestrial civilizations made
Recently, at one of the English photo exhibitions devoted to “flying
plates and green men. The author of the images is
a certain Brazilian who, according to him, was kidnapped on the night of 30
November 1982 aliens.

It is known that the incident occurred in the Brazilian city of Botucatu.
The victim of the abduction was a local resident Juan Valerio da Silva. In that
night a man woke up from a strange noise in the yard and decided to go out
out to see what happened. When he opened the front door
of his apartment, he saw three humanoids, two of whom were
males and one female. Their height barely exceeded a meter, and they are dressed
were in sparkling blue space suits. The aliens approached
Brazilian, bare their palms and touched them to him. In that же
our hero fainted for a second.

In the morning, the family found the man outside naked, and lying on
cold ground. Juan was taken to a hospital where doctors found him in
blood traces of an unknown drug science. Afterwards da silva
began to remember what happened to him after the appearance
aliens. Low humanoids took the man with them and placed
him in a spacious bright room. �”Green Men” approached
our hero, made some manipulations with him, however he
felt nothing, being paralyzed. In a certain
the moment an alien woman approached a man who had become naked and
entered into sexual contact with him. Creatures called themselves Rama and
argued that they want to help humanity, and also just study

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