Ufologist showed a video with an alien

Famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring published on his
official site news in which he told about one
amazing video received in 1947 and published on
�”YouTube” back in July 2009. It is alleged that on the video
captured the real representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Say, the record was obtained 71 years ago by agents of the CIA and the FBI.
Mysterious frames depict a humanoid creature with a large
head and grayish skin. Apparently, the alien contains
somewhere in captivity. At a certain point, the humanoid starts banging,
and medical staff runs up to him.

Although the intriguing video appeared on the web almost
a decade ago, it surprisingly gained less than three
thousand views. Is the World Wide Web users
Interested in similar materials? Scott Waring is convinced that we
just did not see the sensation under our noses.

According to a Taiwanese researcher, we have an excerpt from
secret documentary that US intelligence agencies
removed for demonstration to their own employees. Perhaps it
the unfortunate creature is an alien shot down in July 1947
years near the city of Roswell in the state of New Mexico.

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