Ufologists: Aliens steal uranium from us

We have already written more than once that aliens are on our
the planet, not only out of pure curiosity, but also observe their own
material interests, for example, steal water, earth, and
most importantly, minerals.

According to the authors of the new documentary film that we
you are invited to watch, they are stealing aliens on Earth, and even uranium,
there is fuel for their interplanetary ships (or for
some other tasks).

Of course, this is just a hypothesis, however, according to
Director of the MICUFI (International Information Center
ufological studies) Valery Uvarov, in the most impassable
places of the Kola Peninsula can be seen from a helicopter seventeen
(so far, the researchers have counted just as much) workings just
giant size. And in these wild places there are neither roads nor
of any human movement, not to mention the mining
structure or technique. And the development, and very
high-tech, there is, moreover, scientists have long speculated
that in these places of the Murmansk region are the richest deposits
uranium rocks. Just Russia is not yet ready for such a large-scale
prey, and at this time the aliens, as we see, have extracted and
somewhere billions of tons of uranium has been abuzzed.

The documentary film is interesting to watch.
Of course, not only this shocking information, in him
It also tells about the highly developed civilization of Mars and Uranus, about
the deaths of these planets as a result of a collision with gigantic
asteroids, the birth of the Moon (fragment of Uranus), the reconstruction of our
The solar system with the appearance of Venus in it and many other things. And for
all of these are civilizations, in comparison with which our earthly –
it’s not even a kindergarten with a sandbox, but a nursery with wet diapers and
soother mouth for a sweet dream …

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