Unusual cigar-shaped UFO over Mexico

A resident of the mexican state of lower california the other day
removed a cigar-shaped mysterious object that slowly
flew over the city when the woman was driving. Moreover, the apparatus
the alien moved rather strangely – not horizontally, like
UFOs usually fly of a similar shape, and vertically, which is why
it seems that some kind of floating in the air

Mexican expert ufologist Pedro Ramirez said that for
Mexico is the first alien object that is fixed on
video in 2018 That’s what he thinks about this:

According to the Daily Mail Online newspaper, after the launch of the rocket
Zuma team SpaceX, alien activity over America
increased significantly: most likely, they are concerned about the tasks
which are assigned to this space mission, hidden so far from
the general public. However, it seems that for aliens
not a secret. According to some conspiracy theorists, the new space
the satellite has very “suspicious targets”, perhaps it will
implement a program to search for intelligent communications in
The universe that can not excite those who have long
controls life on earth. Hard to say current ufo over
Mexico is associated with the latest cosmic events or not, but
this cannot be ruled out …

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