US fighters continue to chase UFOs

He knows about the fantastic possibilities of “flying saucers”
even a schoolboy, not to mention ufologists. In spite of this,
American fighters continue to chase UFOs, apparently considering
their Russian aircraft.

That is what they did at the end of October of this year.
Daily Mail, when they noticed a UFO above the state of Oregon near
Canadian border. First, about some strange white object.
reported civilian pilots, which caused a panic among air traffic controllers,
since an unidentified object in the sky flying at a speed not
less than 700 kilometers per hour, approached civilian aircraft on
critically close distance is 20 kilometers.

Soon, the F-15 fighters were raised in alarm,
who tried to intercept the UFO, but he immediately disappeared, disappearing
from all instruments and detection systems. Representatives of the Federal
Civil Aviation and Air Force control confirmed for the press,
that an unidentified air object appears in the air
indeed fixed and that identifying it is not

This is not the only case of chasing American military aircraft.
for ufo lately. More recently, something similar has been observed.
resident of Anadarko, which is located in Oklahoma. That’s how he
described this event by contacting ufological specialists
MUFON organizations:

On the evening of November 14, I left the house on the porch and suddenly I saw
a fighter is chasing a strange white object in the sky. AT
At some point it seemed that the F-15 is about to overtake a UFO, but here
�The “flying saucer” soared sharply upward and … lost sight, although
the fighter followed her. However, my attention has riveted
another similar picture because another appeared in the air
an alien apparatus, approximately the same white color. And him
the F-15 fighter was also chasing, only another, because the first
I did not have time to turn around – he even flew away somewhere upwards. And so
chasing the second fighter over the UFO I watched a few minutes until
�The “flying saucer” apparently completed its task (plenty
Having mocked at the fighter) and just dissolved in the air,
leaving the military pilot, as they say, with a nose …

We suggest you also watch a video about the pursuit of American
fighters for UFOs, which occurred in the summer of this year,
доказывающая, что ATATС США, видимо, полагают, что НЛО — это вполне
earthly objects, in spite of all their wonders. Otherwise, I think they would
did not chase after them, since it is not only useless, sometimes

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