Vatican can accept believers homosexuals

The Vatican can accept believing homosexualsPhoto from open sources

The Vatican is currently discussing the adoption of the bosom of the church of representatives of sexual minorities. At the last synod bishops came to the conclusion that homosexuals have a number good human qualities and must be respected, including without refusing to attend church. Priests specify that the Vatican strictly condemns official same-sex marriages, however same-sex cohabitation in theory may to accept.

The idea will be discussed for about another year, after which the pope Francis, distinguished from his predecessors by more open and modern views on many things will voice a new attitude Catholic church to gays and lesbians. Many world reporters dubbed this turn of events simply unbelievable – on for many centuries all branches of Christianity are known to considered homosexuality a terrible sin and did not accept such people in his bosom.

According to priests, members of sexual minorities have certain advantages. For example, by virtue of their homosexuals always render each other invaluable support and all possible assistance. Despite the fact that Catholicism always insisted and still insists only on traditional marriage, gays and lesbians who violate God’s commandments may mitigate your sin by turning to religion. And, of course, the church in in turn should accept such parishioners. Also in the Vatican consider that homosexuality in the vast majority of cases is not a choice, but a congenital abnormality, therefore, a person is not too strict a blame for such behavior.

Representatives of LGBT societies in many countries enthusiastically accepted church decision to discuss adoption by modern religion homosexuality. However, many Vatican priests report that the current discussion should not be overestimated because the likelihood that the Catholic Church decides not to do concessions to homosexuals are also great.


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