Watch a great UFO video

Channel UFO TV again pleased fans of ufology video, on
which demonstrates the flight is very large and, most importantly, unusually
mysterious ufo.

The video quality, as always, is excellent, but for the video
typical for this video channel lack of any
comment: who, what, where and in general – when is it filmed? From one
hand, say experienced ufologists, it reduces the value of the material,
why they, for example, do not even take such videos to analyze on
authenticity and give them marks. And on the other hand, today the philistine
so accustomed to the appearance of UFO materials on the Internet that
he wants to get just such quality videos, and not just
blurry pictures and completely “tasteless” stories of witnesses about
they allegedly saw “flying saucers” like fantastic

As stated in one of the poetic lines, you want songs – their
I’ve got. What is the inconsistency? Or right
but prosaically boring, or poetically beautiful, but … wrong.
However, look and judge for yourself …

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