What do Russians think about aliens

All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) conducted
The survey, in which it became clear how Russians relate to
alien themes. The results can even someone

It turned out that 45 percent of the inhabitants of Russia are confident that the newcomers
(humanoids from other galaxies, parallel worlds or even from
future of the Earth) really exist, moreover – they have long been on
our planet.

Of this almost half of Russians, 27 percent believe that
aliens are just watching us, not intending to enter into
contact, because we are too underdeveloped civilization for them.
The remaining 18 percent are somehow sure that contact with aliens
a long time ago, however, at the level of governments and world
elite, for the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth all this is a mystery behind the family
stamps (and why not?)

At the same time, scientists, as scientific servants of the interests of the powerful
This, do not trust almost 60 percent of Russians. This concerns not
only issues related to UFOs and aliens. Orthodox from
science, in the opinion of the majority of residents of the Russian Federation, hide (silenced and
distort) many information, such as scientific discoveries, real
nature of anomalous phenomena, true history and so on. So 3
percent of Russian residents believe that from childhood they lie to us about
the structure of the Earth (it is, they say, far from being round), about the matrix in which
we are living.

Finally, 57 percent of Russians do not believe that Americans
flew to the moon, and therefore very unhappy with the position of the government
Russia, which continues to hide this truth from the world
the public, like so much more, let’s say about fraud
the history of Russia from the West …

In conclusion, we add that the survey showed that only a little over 40
percent of the people of Russia do not believe in aliens, and even that big
some of them believe that in unlimited space, anything can
to be, we just have not found brothers in mind. The remaining 14-15
percent just go away from this topic, possibly due to the fact
they have no right to talk about aliens. That’s it …

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