Why are UFOs more common

Internet users may well have the impression
that UFOs literally flooded the sky over our planet. But it is far
not so just modern mobile devices that today
everyone has in his pocket as well as the wide spread of the World
cobwebs allow to reflect this phenomenon more fully and in detail.

By the way, everyone who personally encounters a UFO or an alien,
from these contacts all the same emotions: surprise, strong
excitement, sometimes fear, and even memory lapses, as it was with
eyewitnesses and fifty, and even a hundred years ago. Only thing
changed, probably, so this appearance in modern man
the ability to shoot it all in a photo or even a video. And How
a consequence of such technical equipment, sometimes unknown
reason there is a failure of the imaging equipment, say,
The smartphone suddenly discharges, or it may explode in the hands:
aliens are sometimes cruel and insidious.

Here are just a few photos and videos about current UFOs.
of the month:

A resident of Germany captured in the sky near the city of Ambach mysterious
the object, and, as the author claims, visually it is nothing
I saw it, but when I started looking through the photos, I found it.
�“Something” that he cannot personally identify: because
the object even on the “flying saucer” of aliens does not look like.
And on other pictures taken from almost the same angle and
At the same time, there is no mention of a UFO. Strange …

However, something like this “surfaced” also on the patreon.com service.
And although the plot is completely different, however, pay attention to the video
captured the same strange UFO that photographed and
a resident of Germany.

The following video captures a UFO near the moon. Video
made by an amateur astronomer on October 5th of this month. To tell that
this is a natural phenomenon for the natural satellite of the Earth, will
by some exaggeration, although on the moon ufologists are not
filmed and not found. However, each new similar find
It is of great interest to everyone who is interested in the topic of aliens and
Moon, as a transshipment base for aliens from other worlds.

As professional ufologists say, the most interesting for
last days there was a video made by a surveillance camera on
viewing platform near the Yellowstone volcano. Incomprehensible fiery
a ball strung across the sky, caused by specialists
some bewilderment, but more – genuine delight. From this
the video is clear only one thing that the aliens do not leave this
menacing supervolcano without attention. However, judging by the fact that the UFO in
Recently, this area has not been noticed as often as, say,
in summer, the fire-breathing monster has somewhat subsided, that is, it is not going to
In the near future we will have nothing to upset …

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