Why do aliens kill earthlings?

UFO sightings show that aliens possess such
a level of technology that we cannot reach, maybe another thousand years
even with the leaps and bounds of our science. Therefore talk about
the war with the aliens, that they want to enslave us, somehow
even naive. Would have wanted – for a long time already taken in full or even

Against the background of such a peaceful coexistence of people and
representatives of extraterrestrial races (and they on Earth, according to
ufologists, several) always seem strange murders that
occasionally commit aliens. Abduction of people by them is somehow
understandable and understandable, but the murder … And in this case
the most defenseless “little” people are chosen, because if
aliens punished, for example, Hitler, Mussolini, just
a maniac killer like Andrew Chikatilo, many would bow to them in
legs, and here …

Fiery death joao fillet

Cases when aliens mysterious fiery rays killed
people mentioned by priests who lived in the 16th century, however,
then it was all attributed to the divine square. The most reliable
and the well-described fact of fantastic fire death can
count the defeat by the heavenly ray of the Brazilian farmer Joao Filier in
1946, whose family led the patriarchal, almost
village life — they didn’t even have electricity in their house.

On that ill-starred day, Joao, who was 44 years old, sent
his family to a carnival in the nearby town of Arakariguama, and he himself
my friend went fishing. They returned in the evening, with
excellent catch, besides the weather was beautiful, that is, like
nothing foretold neither trouble, nor even a thunderstorm upon which the authorities
then wanted to write off what happened.

And in this happy sunset hours Joao Filier suddenly
breaks into the house of her sister who lived in the Arakariguam (in two
kilometers from the farm), heart-rending shouting that he was struck by a heavenly ray and
that he is dying. His body was actually strange, skin suddenly
became transparent, and pieces of flesh fell on the coverlet in which he
ran, or hung in pieces on the body. Soon from men like
It seemed to eyewitnesses, only eyes were left. Relatives urgently
wrapped all that was left of him in the veil, and drove in
the hospital, but they brought to the clinic an almost bare skeleton from
the farmer, on whom, however, clothes were well preserved, was not at all

Investigations by ufologists

The scientist Felipe Carrion was the only person who saw
records (police records) of eyewitnesses to that fantastic case.
He told all this to the ufologists Claudio Syenaga and Pablo Manso,
who for a long time could not find any information about this strange
incident, mentioned incidentally in the media (even relatives of Joao Filier
it was impossible to find). However, in the late nineties of the past
century UFO researchers randomly read an obituary in the newspaper about
Joao’s brother’s death and hurried to meet his children. True,
the heir was only one, at the time of the tragedy with Joao Filier,
the boy was 9 years old. He remembered well the case when the city
Burnt uncle Joao came running. However, he managed to inform his brother (father
boy) that into the window of the room where he was, mysterious
the beam that hit him, after which the man felt
terrible heat in the body, quickly wrapped in a blanket and in this form
walked barefoot to the city two kilometers.

However, experts did not find any traces in João Filier’s house
heavenly torch, about which he kept saying before dying. Relatives
farmers suspected that the widow knows much more, but for some reason
keeps secret. The fact is, she together with six children flatly
refused to live in the damned house where the tragedy occurred,
preferring to huddle in the sisterhood. Moreover, I didn’t even try to pick it up.
from home at least some things and values. For this reason, to the dwelling
other inhabitants of the neighborhood were afraid to approach, even thieves were not
encroached on the contents of the house of Joao Fillet. The building was empty
for many years until the authorities demolished it, and the burial in a deep hole and
covered with a thick layer of earth, as if the house was contagious. Such measures
precautions were taken in Brazil only when applied
nuclear or chemical weapons, but nothing like that here
tested, why people thought about aliens and their unearthly

Ufologists Claudio Syenaga and Pablo Manso also learned that one of
Family members Joao Filier experienced something similar. Once he walked along
the forest, when suddenly a ball of fire hovered over it. The man rushed to
canyon, but the rays of light described by Joao Filier surrounded the victim and
began to tighten this fire loop. Then the Brazilian just sat on
earth and began to pray, despite the fact that it was getting hotter and
hotter But then a miracle happened – a fireball overhead suddenly
ceased to emit its terrible rays, and then completely flew away.

It is said that in Brazil, such a case of an attack on a person
alien fiery victims with fire rays occurred and in
other parts of the country. Total ufologists counted thirty
affected, however lately nothing like already nobody
does not notice, at least in this century this has not happened.
Why – no one knows, as it is still unknown, what
aliens prevented Joao Filier and others like him “small” people and
why they had to be killed in such a terrible way …

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