A frightening face appeared on the portrait of Christ

Despite the fact that this mysterious story happened more than 3
decades ago, little is known about it even on foreign sites,
dedicated to supernatural phenomena, not to mention

It happened on December 25, 1985 in the American city of Largo.
Florida State. Family of 7 people celebrated catholic
Christmas. The house was built in the 50s by the father of the family, and immediately
after the construction in it, some kind of devilry started up.

The dogs barked for no reason at all and grinned at the empty corners, according to
quiet steps were heard in the hallway and in the hallway at night. In the house appeared
the so-called “cold spots”, where the temperature has always been
extremely low, even in the summer heat. Technique included and
turned off by itself. Someone invisible snapped tenants
�”Cold hands”, and sometimes pulled off the bed. House a few
once consecrated, the mediums came here, but the horrors are not

In 1985, the family first received irrefutable evidence.
that the paranormal is taking place in her home. That Christmas
the Americans took some photos and on one of them
imprinted portrait of the Savior, hanging in the room. More precisely, it
was a reproduction of the famous painting “The Head of Christ”, painted in
1940 by American artist Warner Solman. And in the glass,
under which was this picture, it seemed something frightening.

Only after many years, the unhappy family, plagued by evil
forces, looked through old pictures and suddenly noticed a terrible
luminous face reflected in the glass. Americans sent
ominous frame specialists in the field of photography, and they spent
thorough image analysis. They concluded that the snapshot is
genuine, however, failed to explain appearances in reflection
a radiant face whose owner was simply absent from

Many researchers of abnormal phenomena still consider this
photo one of the most reliable evidence of existence
thin world and people from it. Unfortunately, sometimes these people
seems to have unkind intentions towards living people,
sometimes even driving them to the grave. True, we cannot say that
It became with the family, which pounded poltergeist. Probably,
tired of this nightmare, people just left that scary house
obviously built on a “bad place” …

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