Costa Rican teens filmed a ghost in abandoned sanatorium

Costa Rican teenagers filmed a ghost in an abandoned sanatoriumA photo from open sources

The city of Cartago in central Costa Rica boasts the presence of one of the most haunted places in the world. It goes about the abandoned children’s sanatorium named after Carlos Duran, where a century back treated for plague of minors. Rumor has it that in empty the corridors and wards of the former hospital can be seen in the dark days the ghosts of young patients who once died within the walls of this medical institution.

Abandoned sanatorium – a real house of horrors

So, in the lobby of the hospital you can meet at night a little a boy who looks quite normal and claims to be got lost, asking to get him out of here. However, if you take child’s hand, he clings to your hand with a dead grip and will lead you deep into the building, where he will leave you in complete darkness among the sobs and howls of other ghosts.

A photo from open sources

In one of the chambers on the second floor at exactly three in the morning a luminous silhouette of a fifteen year old girl named Ramona, and in the broken restroom in the left wing of the sanatorium a strange shadow materializes, wandering from side to side in the light flashlight or candles. In a word, this is a real house of horrors.

Ghost of a scary girl

Until today, the ghosts of the Sanatorium Carlos Duran only a creepy urban legend, but now there is a compelling documentary evidence of their reality. Local group armed with a camera, teenagers entered the building at night and captured one guest from the other world in the video. Recording lightning fast scattered across the English-language segment of the Internet, riveting attention tens of thousands of viewers.

The video below shows how young people talking carelessly with each other, walk along an empty corridor hospitals. At one point, one of the teenagers stops near some room and dumbfounded looking inward.

When the operator approaches a friend and directs the camera at a room, in the bluish light of a flashlight a strange one looms translucent silhouette. The ghostly figure is like a long-haired girl sitting on the floor. Only a couple of seconds pass and the girl gets up, while, according to many users of the World Wide Web, at the moment it becomes noticeable that the phantom is disproportionate long black legs, also curved in the wrong direction. Teenagers shocked by their find, of course, right there rushing away from a potentially black spot.

American paranormal specialist Stuart Karwan claims to have disassembled this video frame by frame and did not find any reason to believe that the recording was subject to editing. “More likely of all, this is a real ghost, “concluded the intrigued specialist.

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