Deep Sea Humanoid

The humanoid from the deep seaA photo from open sources

On one of the warm summer evenings in the early 1980s, the northwest coast of the North American continent carried US Coast Guard small patrol service. The weather was fine, and sailors free from shifts time threw a fishing net, partly for fun, and in part – to diversify the menu, which is not too rich in dainties. To their disappointment, they lifted her to the deck almost empty: apparently the water was too warm at the surface, and all the fish went on depth.

But now, choosing a network after the next cast, the sailors felt in her long-awaited heaviness. Raising the net to the deck, the fishermen saw that a strange creature beats violently in her, which none of them had never seen before. When one of the sailors began to help an outlandish creature freed from the bond, it tried pounce on your savior. Team members gathered around the ship was surprised to see the unusual catch.

The creature did not look like not only fish, but generally not one of the famous sea animals. It most resembled little man, about one and a half meters tall. On the head below those places where people have ears hanging from two sides some kind of fringe. Later ichthyologists suggested that these were gills. Dark brown skin, devoid of scales or any vegetation, was dotted with small tubercles. Disproportionately large, round and strongly convex eyes as if covering translucent film. There was no clothing on the creature, but on the neck he hung pretty big, as if forged from the dark a metal plate with several protruding above its surface whether with pens, or buttons. All these details were noted for while the creature was floundering, trying to get out of the net. Then, when he still managed to do this with the help of the sailors, there was no time for observation anymore. Feeling freedom, the creature suddenly escaped from the hands of the sailors holding him and clumsily rushed to run along the deck on hind legs ending in feet, like flippers. The sailors set off after him, trying drive away from the side so that it cannot jump back into water.

The blow was fatal …

As a result, it was possible to drive the obstinate guest to the open door deck superstructure. And then the incredible happened: he ran into the door and … locked it behind you! And this door led to the radio operator’s cabin, who also participated in the pursuit of an alien. Now the radio operator in confusion stood in front of a locked door, fearing for integrity their household. The most feeble of the sailors tried to squeeze through inside through one of the windows – it didn’t work. Remained one: cut the hinges of the steel door with autogenous. When to the wheelhouse several sailors burst at once, one of them hit in the bustle alien crowbar. Unfortunately, the blow was fatal.

In the local history museum of the town of Tumstone in the south of the United States exhibited skeleton of a creature with a head and body similar to human, but with fish tail.

Having examined his equipment, the radio operator was completely confused. He found no damage, but it became clear to him that the creature was trying to turn on the radio station.

What for? Wanted to ask someone for help? Who? ..

The ship’s commander reported on the incident to his superiors. Two hours later, several helicopters landed on the water near the watchman flown in from Alaska. On one of them, without further ado, a body was loaded of a strange creature, and cars, rising in the air, lay on reverse course.

No information about this case in the media did not appear. And only after many summer he decided to tell a radio amateur who managed to intercept and record in due time negotiations between the commander of the ship, the coast guard base and crews of helicopters sent to the guard

“Water people” of Baikal

With the mysterious and dangerous inhabitants of the underwater kingdom representatives of the Soviet armed forces had to face. In 1982, training took place on the western shore of Lake Baikal fees combat swimmers Trans-Baikal Military District. During diving to a depth of more than 50 meters, swimmers have repeatedly met with unknown “colleagues” – similar to people, but very tall, almost three meters tall. They wore tight-fitting wetsuits. silver, their heads covered with transparent spherical helmets. The strangers had no scuba gear, or any other apparatus for breathing underwater, and while they were swimming with a large speed and clearly watched the actions of our combat swimmers.

Concerned about the presence of uninvited “watchers,” the command decided to get to know them better and ordered catch one of them. An ad hoc group of seven fighters and an officer, armed with a thin and durable network. But on that the moment when the hunters tried to throw a net on one of strangers, some powerful force impulse instantly pushed the whole group to the surface of the lake. Due to the rapid rise without mandatory intermediate stops for decompression all of them fell ill with a caisson disease. As a result, three died, the rest became disabled for life.

This case is further evidence that meetings with mysterious underwater inhabitants are extremely rare. And even more rare attempts to make contact with them often end deplorably for one of the parties.

Meeting at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Our modern science cannot say anything yet. intelligible about the so-called unidentified underwater objects (NGOs), more than once seen in the seas and oceans, as well as in vast and deep inland waters. NGOs are even more a mysterious phenomenon than unidentified flying objects (UFOs): they able to develop under water speeds of more than 500 kilometers per hour. AND while NGOs do not cause any disturbance in the surrounding water environment. Most researchers believe NGOs are hand-made certain intelligent beings, which apparently control these objects.

Probably, it was about such an NGO that he wrote in his diary Swiss professor Jacques Picard, famous marine researcher the depths. In January 1960, he was in the bathyscaphe “Trieste” of his own constructions sank to a depth of 10,919 meters in the Mariana Trench, the deepest depression (11022 meters) located in the western part Pacific Ocean in the Mariana Islands.

Here is this entry: “Swam up to us and, remaining at a significant distance from the bathyscaphe, as if examining it from all sides, moving in a circle, an amazing object that looks like horizontally located disk, on the circumference of which were visible numerous multi-colored lights. The sight was magical … ”

Magazine: Secrets of the 20th Century – №21, May 2014 Rubric: Secrets deep sea Author: Ilya Konstantinov

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