Nagasaki appeared in the sewers mutant rats

A photo from open sources

Many years after the terrible tragedy that brought two Japanese cities atomic bombing, their inhabitants encountered new danger.

In March 2014, Nagasaki’s authorities tightly secured access to several sewer collectors, after which they started flooding by water from the ocean. Officially announced a certain accident and repair work required for its elimination. Around the same time in Hiroshima, a vast plot of urban sewage.

A photo from open sources

Following this, to several previously taken under protection police vehicles drove collectors to collectors without identification signs. Downhill the long hoses that accompanied the cars people in suits of full chemical protection began to upload something to sewer.

Several Japanese publications interested in suspicious behavior of the authorities, conducted a journalistic investigation. Despite for the obstacles posed by the insides, they managed to find the relationship between sewage manipulation and a series of undisclosed crimes.

Over the past year in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, mainly in areas closer to the epicenters of nuclear explosions, disappearances have become more frequent. At first it was homeless, however soon the list of missing persons began to be replenished by those who were difficult ranked as marginalized. Initial version of involvement in incidents yakuza (Japanese mafia) could not stand the detailed checks.

With difficulty, the journalists managed to find a police officer, on conditions of anonymity who told the terrible details of the case. By his the search for missing people led to the discovery of gnawed human remains. Gradually mapping places disappearances and the finding of corpses, police found out pattern: they are all concentrated near the exits to the surface sections of the old sewer system of cities.

A detachment of police sent underground stumbled across a mountain the remains of animals and people, next to which huge rats scurried about. Several of them pounced on the guards, but they managed to scare away rodents with shots. Not wanting to tempt fate law enforcement officers rushed to retire, grabbing as a trophy the carcass of a dead rat weighing a good five kilograms.

Zoologists who examined the corpse of an overgrown rodent came to unequivocal conclusion: in front of them is a mutant that appeared as a result exposure to radiation. There was an abnormal size, row skeleton transformations, as well as behavioral changes: even living next to the man, rats try to avoid his attention, quite rightly seeing in such a contact a threat to himself. However mutants from the Japanese sewer, huddling in flocks, began to hunt for people.

A photo from open sources

The emergence of a new aggressive species of rats is understandable with point of view of science. Explosions dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs occurred hundreds of meters above the ground – “for more shocking effect of the blast wave. “In this situation, demolishing city ​​blocks, a nuclear explosion slightly damaged underground communications. But the rats living in them in full inherited from radiation, especially from those caught in the sewer radioactive fallout.

One of the specific features of rodents is the ability to breed at an unprecedented pace. The rat enters reproductive age already 3-4 months after birth, at one year old begins to bring in two to eight litters per year. Not difficult calculate that since 1945 in the dungeons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki replaced by more than a hundred generations of rodents. That’s enough so that due to natural selection and mutations a new species arises.

Obviously, considering the omnivorous rodents who have tasted human beings too much danger, Japanese authorities decided get rid of them by flooding the habitat with water or running there toxic substances. In order not to disturb the public, they chose not to publicize what happened. The effect of disinfestation remains to be assessed, however, to ensure that mutants are not will reappear, no one can. By the way, not so long ago, giant rats have been spotted in UK cities …

Igor Volozev, “Anomalous News”

Water Rat Japan

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