Eastern US flooded with grasshoppers

A photo from open sources

Bad News For Non-Fans scary-looking insects with long sharp legs and a habit of cannibalism.

Scientists have found that some types of insect order orthoptera, originally from Asia, spread widely throughout the eastern parts of the USA. This is a study at the University of North. Carolina, a report published in PeerJ magazine.

A photo from open sources

“The good news is that the grasshoppers don’t bite or pose no threat to humans, “says the author Research Dr. Mary Jane Epps. In this case, insects are known his gluttony.

The Huffington Post notes that these species of insects inhabited USA for many decades, but almost never met outside the greenhouses. Researchers were surprised to find abundance grasshoppers in homes east of the Mississippi. They are so wide spread that are now even more common than local species of orthoptera.

Scientists admit that they do not yet imagine how people from Asia affect local ecosystems but are assured that homeowners are not it is worth being scared to find them on your territory.

Moreover, says Dr. Epps, these insects feed on carrion. and “can actually do a good job cleaning our cellars and garages. “” We surprisingly know little about these false grasshoppers, their lifestyle and interaction with other species. And are interested in further study, “she said.

A photo from open sources

The discovery, the media write, was made almost by accident – when one “wrong” grasshopper flew into a specialist’s house insect. After that, scientists decided to set traps and study insects in several houses in the east of the country. Concurrently conducted two surveys – online and directly among homeowners in the study area. Specialists were assisted by volunteers, reporting insects in their homes.

Note the United States is exposed from time to time the invasion of certain types of insects. In 2013 in the southern states the termite apocalypse happened – clouds of termites literally closed Heaven, penetrated into the house and tangled in the hair of passers-by. A year earlier a swarm of thousands of bees delayed the departure of the plane flying from Pittsburgh to New York. I couldn’t get rid of the bees until until the beekeeper arrived at the airport.

And in 2009, the US authorities, worried about uncontrolled the spread of insects, held a whole “bug summit” for studying the extent of the problem. Three months later, the south was attacked “crazy ants.”

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