Two-headed found on a beach in Turkey dolphin

A photo from open sources

A two-headed dolphin was taken out to one of the Turkish beaches. Body dead mutant found on the coast in Izmir. He was noticed by a local resident – physical education teacher Tugrul Metin.

A photo from open sources

As it turned out, the one-year-old dolphin cub carried ashore – his body length is 3.2 feet (about a meter). In the Foto, which was published by the British Daily Mail, it’s clear that “monster” two heads and one tail.

Tugrul Metin told reporters: “I noticed a dolphin back in the sea and watched it beached ashore. At first I thought that it seemed to me. I’ve never seen anything like it and was just in shocked. ”

A photo from open sources

A man reported his find to the police. We arrived at the beach specialists who took the body of the dolphin for further expertise. Biologists have found that not one of the heads really eyes are developed. On one head also not developed respiratory hole. At the same time, by some miracle, the baby lived for a year. About him apparently his mother cared.

An unusual creature became interested in Akdeniz University. Scientists note that they are happy to explore the dolphin with such deviations, since similar Siamese twins come across quite rare.

Of these large marine inhabitants, two-headed so far only sharks came across. And more than once.

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