Fiery poltergeist burned a hole on the couch in the form of square

A photo from open sources

London police remain puzzled by the incident, reports Daily Mirror. It is not clear where the flame that came from ruined the sofa. inside a store in Fulham, southwest London.

A photo from open sources

Ragini Patel was very puzzled when at 9am, at Sunday, the youngest son of a neighbor told her that he saw a burning a sofa inside a Fulham rental store Road in London, located two floors below her apartment.

Without hesitation, a resident of Fulham called the fire brigade. The crew had to crack the door of the realtor to put out the fire, which at the beginning took a square shape and, slowly spreading, he burned the entire sofa.

Rajini told Get West London: “I just got together in Sainsbury in the morning when a neighbor’s son told me that the store there was a fire. “I looked out the window and saw that square forms of fire blazed right on the couch. It was very strange. ”

A photo from open sources

“I called the fire department right away, but I started shooting an event on camera because what I saw was very strange and I don’t could understand how this fire appeared there. “Clyde Johnson, The store employee said: “We are very grateful to Ms. Patel that she called the firefighters, but we still don’t have the slightest ideas about how the fire arose. ”

“This is a fireproof sofa, fortunately, so it is not badly burned. But we do not know what caused the fire: a laser pointer or, maybe a magnifying glass or just the sun was too bright? ”

The police cannot understand the cause of the incident. Representative The London Fire Brigade added that “Ms. Patel has entered right by calling the firefighters. “” We would like to advise others in such cases, call the fire department. ”

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