German disciplanes and alien ships

German Discoplans and Alien ShipsA photo from open sources

From various sources of information – eyewitness accounts, historical and popular science literature, as well as from archival documents of the Third Reich – you can find out that before and during during World War II, German scientists and engineers developed created and tested in action disc-shaped aircraft – disco plans. What prompted them to create a kind of wonder? Episode One: 1936, Black Forest, Germany According to a series sources, in 1936 in the Black Forest, near the city Freiburg, was found to have crashed “flying saucer”. Her device and creation technology allegedly managed to reveal and attach to the information that the members of “Vril” (secret society medium-occultists of the Third Reich) received through contactees other civilizations. According to the historian of German aviation Henry Stevens, the Haunebu-I discoplane was later built, becoming the first in the world’s largest aircraft of this type. According to documents found in the secret archives of the SS, it had a diameter of 25 m and probably first flew in August 1939. The source of its driving force was an invisible radiation. Black Sun, consisting of antimatter – a symbol of the secret philosophical doctrine, on the basis of which society was formed “Vril.” Images of the Black Sun in the form of a swastika adorned many places of worship in Babylonia and Assyria. Episode Two: Summer 1938, the village of Chernitsa On one of the summer days of 1938 residents of the village of Chernitsa in Transcarpathia saw falling from the sky disk-shaped object. Scientists of the Third Reich were the first to establish relationship between smoking and the likelihood of developing lung cancer. Nearly immediately the SS detachment arrived at the scene of the disaster and took away the fallen apparatus to the city, where he was examined by three prominent German scientists: physicist, Nobel laureate Max Laue, theoretical physicist, one of the creators of quantum mechanics, also Nobel Werner Heisenberg and radiochemist, future Nobeliate Otto Gan. The subject was dark gray. colors with a metallic tint, its diameter was 7.6 m, “thickness” – 3.8 m. A large dome towered above the upper part, Belted on the outside by a narrow ring. Smaller and larger dome flat was located on the bottom of the disk. Also at the base the upper dome housed six small oval holes. At the bottom of the “plate” there were 12 light sources. On her two opposite sides were visible signs similar to the letter T. inside the apparatus was at the top of the upper dome. Inside round cabins were three crew members. Two of them in a disaster. survived, but one soon passed away. The only survivor the aliens were taken under enhanced protection and tried to create everything conditions for its normal existence. Crew members “plates” were about a meter tall, had pear-shaped skulls, feeble bodies, long and thin arms with four-fingered palms, skin grayish hue and large black slanting eyes. The Germans feared transport a damaged device, assuming that in doing so can explode something, and therefore created a research laboratory right at the scene of the disaster. Subsequently, the device is still transported to the nearby Der Riese complex, sheltered in the Sovi mountains, where uranium ore was mined and enriched. The complex consisted of underground halls and hangars connected by tunnels. They delivered there and the surviving crew member of the “plate”, as well as the bodies of two dead pilots. Apparently, German scientists and engineers managed to get from the surviving pilot, some information about the device and principles the actions of the crashed apparatus, as well as its habitat crew. According to this information, the ship arrived from the planetary double star systems in the constellation Cygnus (according to Earth codification), located at 78 light years from Earth. Alien allegedly also reported that “they” created in the polar region Earth has its underground base. The Inquirers concluded that it is located in Canada – possibly in Baffin Island. All this information was immediately reported to Adolf Hitler. An alien from outer space, despite all the efforts of doctors, in a month died of an unidentified disease. So the technical and technological details of the device and the creation of their ship, so interested in the Germans, he did not have time to tell them. Catastrophe According to the pilot, it was due to some technical malfunction. Although not the same, it seems … Adolf Hitler and some of his closest minions, including Dr. Werner von Braun and Hermann Goering, examined the wrecked ship and the remains of its pilots, and also listened to the opinions of scientists – Laue, Heisenberg, Ghana and others – about the possibility of using such an apparatus as a secret “miracle weapons”. Luckily for humanity, alien technology turned out to be too advanced and inaccessible for a full understanding and borrowing by people. However the alien ship inspired Nazis on the development and construction of various models disk-shaped planes – diskoplanes, as well as the so-called “flying bombs” – Fau-1 cruise missiles and ballistic missiles “V-2.” Unleashing the Second World War, Hitler hoped that his scientists and engineers will be able to master the technology of aliens, and he will become the sole owner of the created on their basis “miracle weapons” and with its help will be able to conquer the whole world. Apparently one of the above disco-planes and was seen in the sky above Stalingrad August 23, 1942 by numerous eyewitnesses to to both sides of the front line. (For details, see UFO over Stalingrad “in the newspaper” Secrets of the XX Century “No. 45 for 2011.) The direct participant in the creation of the disco plan and its author The project was engineer Georg Klein, an employee of the Ministry of Arms and ammunition of the Third Reich. According to Klein, he attended the first test flight of the experimental A sample of the disco plan in Prague on February 14, 1943. Then the apparatus took off vertically, in three minutes reached an altitude of 12,400 meters and developed a speed of 2200 km / h. Given that its design the speed was to be 4000 km / h. By the end of 1944 there was built three experimental samples of the apparatus, and start production of prototypes was planned in early 1945. There were two design options for experimental samples. One of which, designated V-7, had the form of a disk with an internal cabin at the top. It was built in Syria, in Breslau, on that the same factory where the V-2 missiles were manufactured. According to the second option the device looked like a torus (“steering wheel”) with an external cabin spherical shape located in the center of the torus. This sample created in Prague, at the factories of the company “Habermol and Sriver” (according other data – at BMW factories in the vicinity of Prague). Both such as a disco plan were driven by rocket engines and, like helicopters, they could take off vertically and land on sites are very limited in size. The fate of the ship aliens As for the alien spaceship, who fell near the Polish village of Chernitsa and became a prototype German disciplanes, then his fate was unenviable. When the advancing units of the Red Army approached the secret laboratory base in the Sovetsky Mountains, the Germans blew up the entire complex, along with the spaceship and the remains of its pilots, and all the entrances in the dungeon littered with huge boulders. Exact the location of this underground “crypt” could not be established until so far. Searches are complicated by the fact that in the Soviet mountains are uranium ore deposits, and the increased radiation background created by them has a negative effect on those used in this appliances.

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