Mussolini tried to make contact with aliens

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From time to time, materials appearing on the Internet reveal terrible secret: the US government has been working closely for a long time with aliens. But there is nothing in the world that does not exist earlier. I tried to get aliens into my allies still Benito Mussolini. Naturally, everything was kept secret, but there is nothing secret that would not become apparent.

Strange letter

In 1996, Italian scientific organizations and media began to receive selection of documents (in copies) from a certain “Senior X.” Walked in them the creation of a secret body in fascist Italy which was establishing contact with the Martians. At the head of the project stood a world-famous scientist – Guglielmo Marconi, inventor radio.

A photo from open sources

Recipients sent these letters directly to the basket (nonsense!). But Robert Pinotti, Chairman of the National Ufa Center, did not rush, called an employee and instructed him to find out whether to take these documents seriously. A few days later an employee Pinotti returned the documents, answered his questioning look: “Yes,” and laid on the table a few scribbled sheets.

Martian Fever

In the 20-30s of the XX century, Europe experienced a real “Martian boom. “Young scientists led by Albert Einstein talked about the habitability of Mars. Tesla, a recognized world genius, stated that on the equipment he designed caught radio signals from Krasnaya planets uniquely identified by them as reasonable, but not yet decipherable. Massively published books in which the main characters were Martians (War of the Worlds, “Aelita”). Newborn cinema filmed some of them.

Conclusion 1: theories about the habitability of Mars were quite common in Europe.

Guglielmo Marconi was not aloof from all this. is he has repeatedly spoken out in favor of the theory of the existence of a reasonable life on Mars and designed a device for receiving and transmitting radio signals going through starry space.

Conclusion 2: Marconi did not count conversations about aliens nonsense and worked in this direction.

Fascist Marconi

The great inventor did not shy away from politics. With the beginning of the First world war lieutenant marconi offered his services to the motherland and led the radio program of the armed forces of Italy. Cumshot war as commander of the Italian naval forces. He openly sympathized with the Nazis. Welcomed the rise to power Mussolini. In 1923 he joined the fascist party. In 1930 became President of the Royal Academy and member of the Grand Council – governing body of fascist Italy.

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Conclusion 3: Marconi was close to the Nazis, supported movement, was part of the supreme body of state authorities.

Secret “Cabinet RS / 33”

After reading a voluminous reference, Pinotti began serious the study of documents sent by “Senior X.” From them it followed that Mussolini’s decision created a secret government structure “Cabinet RS / 33”, with the task of establishing a connection with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The ultimate goal is to receive advanced military technology. The work of the “Cabinet” oversaw Marconi.

Secret documents of the “Cabinet RS / 33”

Among the documents were orders of June 1933 on organizing a search for a landing UFO and assisting arrivals all kinds of assistance. There was a letter about the need for a series of events. The list included: arrest by political forces police unwanted witnesses landing UFOs, strict censorship local press, media posting about comets, weather balloons, able to look like a UFO.

A photo from open sources

By indirect indications one could guess that the landing occurred somewhere in northern Italy.

In a cover letter, “Senior X” reported that in 1936 after the conclusion of the pact “Berlin-Rome Axis” all documents of the “Cabinet” were transferred to Germany. Development by German engineers disk-shaped aircraft – the result of a study “Cabinet RS / 33” materials. Documents sent by Pinotti – part archive remaining in Italy.

Soon a second batch of documents arrived, in which there were several scripts. Expert chemists concluded that paper and ink really 30s.

Tattered thread

Senor Pinotti was looking forward to the promised third package, but expectations were in vain. Senior X disappeared and no longer reminded of himself. Apparently, his frankness of someone is strong annoyed. Did Duce establish contact with aliens? Did they respond to signals sent by Marconi into space? what happened in northern Italy: planned visit or accident? We will not find out the answers to these questions soon. With confidence you can only to say that the idea of ​​the Rome-Mars pact Mussolini considered seriously.

War Time Italy Mars

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