Ghosts not only scare, but also kill

That ghosts are not hallucinations and not fruit
human imagination, today not only eyewitnesses say, but also

Restless disembodied spirits are most often
suicides and murdered villains. It is also possible to rank the dead
sinners whose graves were subjected to abuse, well, and those
who was not buried at all.

For the most part, ghosts are unkind and even
deadly to humans entities. Ruin man they
can in different ways. More often than others, their victims are unnecessarily
impressionable and faint of heart natures. So you only see
a terrible kind of phantom – and that’s it, a heartbreak.

However, there are ways in the arsenal of ghosts that
can reduce to the grave a person with steel nerves.

House in a graveyard

Ghosts usually resort to such methods when people
destroy old cemeteries. For example, in the northeast
Moscow on the site of the former graves lined up several houses. Their
tenants can not envy.

It began with the fact that the house completely covered the cracks, while
geologists and seismologists only shrugged, being unable to
intelligibly explain this phenomenon. After all walls
somehow strengthened and patched, the cracks were puttied. However, tenants
it didn’t get any easier. In most apartments periodically
a blatant devilry was going on: things fell for no reason
shattered dishes, at night there were rustles, squeaks and
Howls, people were ghosts.

This is what Nataliya Smirnova, a resident of one of
hapless houses:

… Inexplicable sounds and broken dishes are, as they say,
more flowers. Once I woke up at night and saw about my
The bed is a translucent, whitish figure of a person. His face is good
empty eye sockets stood out. I shook my head in horror, then
pinched herself, but making sure that the vision does not disappear, heart-rending

A son came running into my cry and saw this nightmarish creature too.
He held out his hand to the switch, but here the ghost almost instantly
lost shape and turned into a bright cloud. When lit
the light, little cloud disappeared.

Thus, a kind of “chain reaction” can occur:
disasters in this area will become regular and a new one will appear
�”Road of death”. In the Moscow region alone there are about
dozens. And every year on the highways of the country there are more
deadly traps.

But such tragedies can be avoided. Very often near
roads we see all sorts of monuments or just mourning
wreaths that people set in the place of the death of their loved ones. BUT
because it is not necessary to do this. Much better to read here.
prayers, light church candles, etc., to a restless soul
finally found solace and did not cause new misfortunes. Then
and no ghosts will appear.

How to protect yourself from them

Of course, everyone is interested in the question: what to do in the case of
the sudden appearance of a ghost? As practice shows, in such
situations are quite effective sincere prayers. Should also
sign the sign of the cross. And on the contrary, it is not worth much
trust the intricate amulets against the ghosts that
multitude let out enterprising businessmen. It is unlikely that they themselves
enjoy this dubious product in the fight against insidious

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