Ghosts of lovers

Ghosts are not only terrible and not vengeful.
villainy, but, as the facts confirm, and tragic love
stories. And in fact, and in another case, the neopomed souls of the dead
for some reason they are “stuck” in our physical world. About some of them we
and tell you.

Emily Bridge

There are several versions of the story about an American woman named Emily,
born in Stowe (Vermont). According to the first version, young
the woman was going to run away from home with her chosen one, but he
threw Emily, after which she was found hanging on the railing of the bridge.
Another version says that left by the bridegroom, the unfortunate jumped up
on the horse and rushed without dismantling the road, and eventually fell into
the river and drowned. Today, many people say they hear on the bridge
strange sounds; some are even convinced that Emily’s ghost
very sensitive scratched …

Castillo de San Marcos

This is the oldest stone fort of America, built by the Spaniards in
1672-1695, remembers the tragic story of one love. Commander
the fortress Colonel Garcia caught his wife Dolores in criminal
connections with captain Manuel Abela, and shortly thereafter, lovers
mysteriously disappeared. Their fate remained for a long time
mystery until decades later in the fortress walls found
the dead bodies of Dolores and Manuel. The current visitors of the old
of the fort report an unusual odor which, in their opinion,
belongs to the ghost of the unfortunate Señora Dolores. They also see
inexplicable light, floating balls and big bloody spots …

Triumphal Arch

July 14, 1914, on Bastille Day, a certain woman named
Rose has managed to quarrel with her lover. In despair rose
climbed the spiral staircase inside the Arc de Triomphe and with a large
Heights rushed into the span. Since then, many see her ghost here,
which repeats and repeats a terrible fall …

Roadside Longfellow Hotel

In the middle of the 19th century in this Massachusetts hotel
lived and worked a certain Jerusha Hou. There she met
British traveler in love and who
promised to marry her. After a while, this gentleman left for
homeland, but solemnly assured Jerush that upon his arrival in England
send for her people. Many years have passed in a weary and
vain waiting, which ended only with the death of the poor thing.
Today, hotel guests often see the ghost of Jerusha Hou,
especially in rooms numbered 9 and 10, in which a woman has no time

Texas Governor’s Mansion

In 1864 to the mansion of Texas Governor Pendleton Murr,
located in Austin, his nephew arrived. Young man
I really liked her niece’s uncle’s wife, and he confessed to her in
his feelings, but was strongly rejected. Same night around
home shot the sound of a shot: the young man could not bear the frustration and
committed suicide. Not so much time has passed since his death, as
the tenants began to hear an ominous knock at the room where it happened
suicide. These sounds were so unpleasant, even eerie, that
the room was finally locked. And the sounds ceased.
However, when years later it was reopened, frightening noises appeared

Hotel “Casablanca Inn”

St. Augustine is the oldest existing American
Cities (Florida) – haunts the spirit of the former owner of the hotel
�”Casablanca Inn”. The woman was a widow and, according to legend, fell in love
one smuggler – a frequent guest of her rooms. Through
for some time she already patronized everyone here
filibuster – climbed onto the roof of the hotel and waving
lantern, which meant: on the shore clean, you can swim. In our
time, as the sailors say, is also seen the flickering light of the ghostly
lantern coming from the hotel. And her guests and staff
talk about strange and unexplained sounds, beds that
turn out to be inexplicably laid out, and tablecloths,
jerking on the tables …

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