�”Headless ghost” hit the photo

The user “Reddit” under the pseudonym peachkark posted in
section of the social network devoted to anomalous phenomena, mysterious
a photo.

The picture was taken recently in the American city of Saint Paul, a state
Minnesota. Our hero visited last week local
Wabash Street Caves – old banquet hall
inside a spacious cave. In times of prohibition here are often
Mafia participants gathered to drink, to discuss their affairs, and
sometimes deal with the enemies.

The author of an intriguing photo is convinced that it was imprinted
ghost headless men in a tuxedo, raising his right hand.
Despite the relatively poor quality of the picture taken to that
in the twilight, many Reddit users agreed that
an American caught on camera something that goes beyond the natural
and familiar to us.

In this place, the mafia, probably staged a bloody showdown, and
most likely, some restless souls still live in this
cave, occasionally appearing in front of visitors. This is exactly what
a peculiar highlight of the old banquet hall
Wabasha Street Caves …

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