Little girl is watching a ghost on awesome video

A little girl watches a ghost in an amazing videoA photo from open sources

It is believed that young children are able to see what is inaccessible the eyes of adults: in particular, supernatural phenomena. This the hypothesis is confirmed by an unusual video shot the other day a young mother from the United Kingdom.

Jessica Lewis, twenty-six, living in an English city Ellesmere-Porte, claims to be filming her smartphone the nine-month-old daughter Neela and suddenly noticed on the device’s screen a mysterious white ball, or, as they are also called, orb. is he clearly fixed on the record, but the woman is ready swear you didn’t see him in the room.

But the little Nile sitting on the floor carefully watched everything this time behind an invisible entity, held out her handles and even said something like a greeting. In some moment girl interested in moving a ghost ball crawled on all fours to the fireplace, where this flying anomaly hid.

A photo from open sources

Jessica has one hunch about whose phantom could visit her house. Lewis thinks it might be an old spirit girlfriend of a family who died of illness on the same day when Nile was born. Perhaps the ghost of a woman decided to visit the baby and play with her – that’s why the child was not afraid of the appearance a native of the other world, but rather, imbued with a big sympathy: for he came to him with good.

“She was a very kind and sweet woman. I knew her from the very beginning.” birth. She really wanted to see my daughter, but did not live to see it. of the moment – so sad, “says the British.

Skeptics on the Web believe that nothing remarkable on the video not captured: the girl, they say, plays on the floor by herself, but in the camera just hits a couple of times an ordinary speck of dust. And how are you do you think?

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