New Year’s ghost hit the camera in Sochi

In one of the houses in Sochi, a mysterious
anomaly. The man whose name is Ramil and who comments
The video below considers that it can be a New Year ghost,
who wished to be on holiday closer to the people.

Sochinets says that the alleged comer from the next world
materialized on the night of January 1 in house 29 on Ulianov Street.
This happened in Uncle Ramil’s garage. Households were very puzzled
the appearance of a mysterious bunch of light on the security monitor,
however, when they went out to the garage, nothing unusual there
it turned out.

By turning on the entry below, you can see how
in the air, a shapeless white spot is flashing, suspiciously similar
on a little ghost. At the end of the video, it generally begins
Scramble back and forth with great speed. When home owners
asked the nephew to monitor the monitor, and they themselves went out to the garage,
the supposed phantom remained on the screen, but no one
I saw him near the cars. Despite the fact that residents of the house is not a joke
scared of the appearance of drums, they hoped that
supernatural uninvited guest is benevolent, and
therefore it will not harm the living.

Movie quickly riveted the attention of many users
Russian segment of the World Wide Web. Some commentators
they thought it was really from the subtle world. According to
others, it is a speck of dust or an insect in the camera lens.
Still others claim that blame or malfunction is to blame.
matrix recorder. One way or another, experts in
the paranormals say that this is a rather curious video
requiring further study. Indeed, among Russians, as is known,
There is no general faith in ghosts, and therefore such materials
receive in our country very infrequently, and they even put it in Runet – and
that less …

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