Poltergeist or just a publicity stunt?

An interesting video appeared on the Internet that attracted
attention of many Internet users. On video
sealed by the excesses of poltergeist in the bar-restaurant “Cronie”
Ventura, California

This drinking establishment is very popular in the city, it works already
about thirty years, and up to now no one has been noticed
paranormal activity. And suddenly … surveillance cameras have become
to fix the tricks of an invisible joker who drops chairs,
slamming doors, moving objects. All this happens at night
a time when there are no visitors in the restaurant.

Cronie’s co-owner Dave Folds assures that all entries
authentic, taken from security cameras installed in the institution.
Here is what he says:

It’s very strange, for almost three decades nothing has happened here.
It has been noticed, although I have heard many times that a poltergeist is often
manifests itself in restaurants and bars. Probably because the drinking
establishments are often located in old buildings with dark
history. However, our bar can not boast even of this, perhaps
only this is the ghost of some employee who once attached
soul to “Cronie”. Perhaps he recently left our world, and now decided
a little naughty before complete oblivion …

Poltergeist is not very worried about the bar-restaurant’s regulars,
on the contrary, they showed a keen interest in ghosts.
True, many citizens considered that the video is just
mounted as an advertising trick in order to attract visitors to
the eve of Halloween holiday.

Internet users agree, many of whom
noticed that all the “miracles” that occur in the bar, it is easy to adjust with
using fishing line because there’s not a single moment on the video
it would be impossible to explain this by a long time ago a tried trick of lovers
like fakes. However, even if so, the owners of the restaurant
won in the main thing – interest in “Cronie” by citizens clearly
increased. This can be judged even by comments, mainly
friendly and mocking. That is a joke – failed on

And if this is not a joke, and the poltergeist really settled here, then
the bar-restaurant of the city of Ventura was completely lucky. The main thing is that this
the ghost was not very aggressive: paranormal tricks to clients
even like, as long as they do not go beyond
�”Permitted” …

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