Tartan photographed Death in the forest

Not so long ago we wrote about the Englishwoman Sharron Call, which
claims to have photographed Death with a scythe at the hospital
Doncaster. Now another resident of the United Kingdom
managed to capture this grim reaper in the picture. At least
least, so says the author of the photo.

A 55-year-old Scottish colleague McCallum from Aberdeen says
that recently went to the countryside walk with her
Pippi’s 22-year-old daughter. The British were in the hollow of Glen Affric
near the village of Kannich and made in nature many
snapshots. Mother and daughter looked at them, returning home the same day.
However, one of the received frames really horrified our

Mysterious photo shows an incomprehensible figure, similar
on a person with a pale face and a robe. Collin admits that
she immediately thought of Death, and such a thought frightened her goosebumps
over the skin. Women claim that no one is around
It was. The Scots hope it was just a play of light and
the shadows, but researchers of supernatural phenomena do not share
their opinions, believing that women are lucky enough to capture something

So, the famous British ghostbuster Stephen Waterston
suggests that a woman could take a picture of a ghost in a dell
monk The fact is that from 1776 to 1813 quite close
there was a monastery in which the disaster occurred. In one of
novices, if you believe the stories, the demon infiltrated, and the man killed
three people, after which he committed suicide. Urban legend
says that his restless spirit still wanders here, however
has long paid no attention to the living.

Residual phantom – the so-called British phenomenon
experts in the field of paranormal. According to them,
someday the ghost will finally dissipate and rush into others
measurements are more subtle plans of being, however, until he is forced
wander between worlds, unwittingly leading the living to wonder and

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, of course, refuse
to believe that someone’s spirit, and even more so that Death itself fell on
this snapshot. According to many materialists, it’s about
paradolic illusions (how do skeptics adore this explanation).
Other doubters believe that this was an occasional tourist.
in the hood, inadvertently photographed by McCallum.

But if Death itself turned out to be in Glen-Affrika, then she
did you do there? Should mothers and daughters fear now for their
of life? Time will tell, as the philosophers say …

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