Why are there no fat ghosts?

Leading popular British radio program “Apparition
Audition “dedicated to supernatural phenomena, received
recently a curious question from one of her listeners. He sounded
as follows: why are there no fat ghosts?

Although the question is not too serious and deserves
unless a joke answer, the experts turned out to be really
interested in them and spoke on this subject for more than half an hour, and
quite seriously.

And really: why come from the next world always or almost
always appear before the living in the form of thin figures? First of course
there were a few jokes in the studio. So, Derek Wilkinson said:
�“Because fat people, as a rule, are kind and immediately fall for
heaven”. And his colleague Lydia Watson said: “The thing is that
ghosts can’t eat. ” However, the presenters then decided to discuss
This question is more detailed.

Is thinness the norm for ghosts?

The theory was put on the air that once obesity is
physical illness, it should not strike the spirit of the individual.
In addition, excess fullness has become a serious problem.
humanity only at the end of the last millennium, while
most famous ghosts living in ancient castles and on
abandoned cemeteries, appeared many centuries ago. And finally
The British suggested that ghosts consist of ectoplasm, and
the fuller the phantom figure, the more he needs this
substance in order to materialize in our world. For this reason,
ghosts, they say, prefer to take shapely form, even if
she did not match their appearance in life.

It is noteworthy that our resource at least twice published
photos of the fat descendants of their graves. One of them was received in
September 2015, a truck driver from the Irish city of Cork.
The driver accidentally filmed through the windshield of his truck
translucent figure resembling a full woman in a bathing suit.
It happened in broad daylight on a busy road near the tunnel,
where traffic accidents often happen.

The second picture was taken in the middle of last month, one of
users of the site “Reddit”. The man was heading in the evening with
comrades to the place where a major skirmish had occurred the day before.
Friends walked along a country road and lit their way with lanterns.
Then they heard that someone was walking behind the group. Pals
turned around and photographed the empty space behind them.
Subsequently, this image showed a fat, whitish figure

So the obligatory thinness of ghosts is a moot point, and
probably as unsolvable as many others
paranormal phenomena …

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