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14 incredible coincidences in lifeA photo from open sources 1. Fifth of December 1664 off the coast Wales sank a passenger ship. All crew members were killed and passengers except one. The lucky name was Hugh Williams. More than a century later, on the fifth of December 1785, in the same place it suffered wreck of another ship. And again, the only man saved named … Hugh Williams. In 1860, again on December 5, here the fishing schooner went down. Only one fisherman survived. AND his name was Hugh Williams!

2. Louis XVI was predicted to die on the 21st. Terrified the king sat on his 21st day of every month, locked in his bedroom, I didn’t accept anyone, I did not appoint any affairs. But precautions turned out to be in vain! June 21, 1791 Louis and his wife Marie Antoinette was arrested. September 21, 1792 in France was a republic was proclaimed and royal power abolished. And January 21 1793 Louis XVI executed.

3. In 1867, the heir to the Italian crown, the Duke of Aosta married to Princess Maria del Pozzodella Cistern. A few days later, the princess’s maid hanged herself. Then the doorkeeper cut his throat. The royal secretary is killed by falling with a horse. A friend of the duke died of a sunstroke … Of course, after such monstrous coincidences, the life of the newlyweds is not got along!

4. Edgar Allan Poe wrote a creepy story about how victims shipwreck and foodless sailors ate a young man named Richard Parker. In 1884, the plot of a horror movie came to life. Schooner “Lace” crashed, and sailors distraught from hunger gobbled up a young man whose name was … Richard Parker.

5. In London Greenberry Hill, three killers were hanged. Them last names: Green, Berry and Hill!

6. A resident of Texas, USA, Allan Falby had an accident and injured. an artery on the leg. He probably would have died of blood loss if not for passing by Alfred Smith, who imposed on the victim blindfold and called an ambulance. Five years later, Folby was witnessed a car accident: the driver of the crashed car lay without consciousness with a torn artery on the leg. It was … Alfred Smith

7. In 1944, the Daily Telegraph published a crossword puzzle, containing all the code names for the secret landing operation Allied forces in Normandy. The crossword puzzle was encrypted words: Neptune, Utah, Omaha, Jupiter. Intelligence rushed investigate the “information leak.” But a crossword compiler turned out to be an old school teacher, perplexed so incredible coincidence no less than military personnel.

8. By a strange and frightening combination of circumstances, many ufologists died on the same day – June 24, however, on different years. So, on June 24, 1964, the author of the book “Behind the Scenes” died Flying Saucers “Frank Scully. On June 24, 1965, a movie actor died and ufologist George Adam. And on June 24, 1967, they immediately left for another world. two UFO researchers – Richard Chen and Frank Edwards.

9. Residents of a Scottish village watched at a local movie theater the film “Around the World in 80 Days”. At the moment when movie heroes sat down into the basket of the balloon and chopped off the rope, there was a strange crackle. It turned out that he fell on the roof of the cinema … exactly same as in the movie, a balloon! And that was in 1965.

10. When the American astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon, the first thing he said was: “I wish you success, Mr. Gorski! “The phrase meant this. As a kid, Armstrong accidentally overheard a quarrel between neighbors – a married couple named Gorsky. Mrs. Gorsky chastised her husband: “Rather, the neighbor boy flies to the moon, than you will satisfy a woman! “. And here on you, coincidence! Neil really flew to the moon!

11. On a suburban Italian highway two cars collided. However, both drivers were not injured. To celebrate, they decided get to know and … called the same name and surname. Both were called Giacomo Felice, which, by the way, in translation means “happy”!

12. Once Marcello Mastroianni in the midst of a noisy friendly the feast sang an old song “The house where I was happy … “. Before he could finish the verse, he was informed about fire in his mansion.

13. An Australian midwife named Triplet (translated as “triple”) was born on the third of March, lives on the third floor in house N 3, was married three times, gave birth to three children and three times for her triple took medical practice.

14. In 1966, the four-year-old Roger Lozier almost drowned in Sea near the American city of Salem. Fortunately saved him a woman named Alice Blaze. In 1974, Roger, who was already 12, paid the service for the service – in the same place he saved a drowning man a man who turned out to be … Alice Blaze’s husband.

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