How trees take care of us

How Trees Take Care of UsA photo from open sources Trees allow us to live. They are not only absorb chemical toxins from the air and produce oxygen, but also create a favorable social and psychological environment. Although even the children at school know this, we still don’t appreciate dignity of these “green plants”. It is well known that trees help us live a long, happy and healthy life. In the last Journal of EnvironmentalPollution American Researchers found that trees warned 850 human deaths and 670 000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms in 2010. It was associated with the adsorption and removal of leaves of trees 17 tons air polluting particles. According to the analysis, the more the number of trees, the more polluting particles they are capable of delete. What becomes especially relevant for densely populated areas and cities in which the number of trees directly correlates with healthcare savings and prevention cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Pollution air kills about 7 million people a year worldwide, according according to the World Health Organization. Plants can cut these numbers. This is why distribution is so important. green areas during the construction of new neighborhoods. This is more important than supermarkets and parking lots. “In terms of health effects people, the presence of trees in urban areas is much more important than in rural ones, in view of their proximity to people, “the researchers write. One famous 1970 study found that patients after gallbladder removal at a Pennsylvania hospital recover faster if their ward overlooked the park, reports Atlantic. Scientists from Amsterdam Free University 350,000 people studied medical histories. They wanted to check health status of people who lived near green areas more than a year. The proximity of green areas had a positive effect on 15 out of 24 ailments. The general well-being of people improved as well the level of depression and anxiety disorders decreased. Specialists from University of Environment and Behavior in Illinois Decided Yet deeper study the degree of influence of nature on health person. The results of their research confirmed that nature plays an important role in maintaining our health. It turned out that people living near forests are more sociable and responsive. In green areas, the level of aggression, depression and crime. The proximity of nature contributes to a higher level activity, early recovery after surgery, normalization blood sugar, improves the functioning of the immune system, etc. AND it’s not just about health. The presence of trees and parks is part of a person’s natural lifestyle, violating which, we provoke a change in human thinking and actions. IN 2007 UK scientists compared mental state people walking in the park or in the mall. People who were in nature, in 71% of cases noted a decrease in Depression compared to 45% of people in the mall. In addition, visitors to the center in 22% of cases reported that their level of depression increased. At the same time, 90% of people who walked in the park, noted an increase in self-esteem compared with 44% of those who were in the mall. University of Rochester scientists found that when people look at photos of nature, they are more tend to give priority to eternal values ​​than to the pursuit of wealth and glory. They were happy to share and engage. charity, unlike those who saw urban landscapes.

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