Black Lady and Unhappy Helen

A photo from open sources

Englishwoman Helen Sykes repeatedly received letters from her grandmothers with an offer to come and stay. Grandma helen was housekeeper at Broomhill House – an old estate in North Scotland. In 1987, receiving another letter of invitation, Helen began to pack on the road, counting on a few days of pleasant recreation. But a pleasant stay did not work. Rest turns into a nightmare The first night spent at Broomhill House, Helen had a terrible dream. She saw a darkened room where a dark-skinned a woman kneeling praying a figurine of an eastern deity. IN a man entered the room. With a heavy candelabra he began to beat violently on the head of a woman until she was dying. Then the killer dragged the body down up the steps to some gloomy basement. Photos from open sources

A terrible dream was repeated on the second night, and on the third. Pleasant rest turned into a nightmare. Somehow, browsing as a granddaughter housekeepers photo album of estate owners, Helen flinched and she screamed: from one of the pictures a man from her night looked at her nightmares. The girl who came running to the cry told about her dreams and showed a photograph. “This man’s name was Henry Montgomery Hamilton, “the grandmother said, looking at the picture. What said grandmother Henry Hamilton was born in 1872. Chose military career. He participated in several wars. Anglo-Boer the war of 1899-1902 was the last in his biography. In the rank of captain Hamilton retired and returned to the family estate. With myself Henry brought a young beautiful woman. They said that the beauty was originally from India. In less than a few months, as a woman mysteriously gone. Hamilton, and before that was famous for nasty character, after that it became completely unbearable. Irascible and unchecked, he led the life of a recluse and died in 1924 in absolute loneliness. Residents preferred as little as possible appear in the vicinity of the estate. There were rumors of a ghost – The Black Lady appearing there at night. So the building stood gradually collapsing until in 1972 he bought it from the latter representatives of the Hamilton family a visiting businessman. Helen became interested in history and turned to local historians. TO surprisingly, traces of the Black Lady were found in local archives. Black Lady Black Lady was originally from Ceylon, a fan the many-armed goddess Kali, whose cult provides for human sacrifices. Apparently, the woman committed some crime, since she was convicted and sent to work in diamond mines, in South Africa Three beautiful prisoners noticed English overseer who took advantage of the “right strong. “Shortly afterwards, all three died one by one. The next to her was the attention of Captain Hamilton, who one of the well-known ways managed to take the convicted to England as governess of her unborn children. Unfinished story It is not known where Helen would lead her searches, but the story remains unfinished. On one of the foggy days there are so many in England the girl fell under the wheels of a car. The police regarded the incident like an accident. And in the vicinity of the estate appeared another ghost – miserable Helen Sykes. In the mid-90s, the owner of the estate decided to demolish the dilapidated building that was unnecessary to him. Arrived Bulldozers broke the walls and razed Broomhill House. After that already no one saw either the Black Lady or the Miserable Helen Sykes.

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