A married Chinese man went to the hospital and there he found out that he is a woman

A married Chinese man went to the hospital and found out that he was a womanA photo from open sources

A Chinese man who came to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain and blood in the urine was stunned by the diagnosis. Doctors said him that he is a woman.

A married 44-year-old man named Chen from Zhejiang, China, visited a doctor who made a shocking discovery. After doctors found that he had a full set of a full examination female genital organs along with the penis.

The patient claims to have had an active sex life with his wife last ten years. However, this statement aroused among doctors doubtful since they found that his genitals are different from normal. Another difference that Cheng should have long been were recognized by a woman, is the absence of an Adam’s apple.

According to the hospital’s spokeswoman, Chen couldn’t accept the doctor and assume that he will be a woman.

“He was dressed in men’s clothes and cut short, so we and they couldn’t think that we had a woman in front of us, ”he said.

Chen himself says he suspected something was wrong after found himself almost constantly feeling tired and his face and legs are swelling. Even worse, he began to notice blood in urine.

Conducted computed tomography, which resulted in men were discovered the uterus and ovaries, explained the reason for it condition. Meanwhile, chromosome analysis showed that Chen has two X chromosomes, making him a woman from a genetic point view.

Chen also suffers from congenital adrenal hyperplasia – a genetic disease that leads to swelling adrenal glands. As a result, stress hormone levels are reduced and male sex hormones increase, writes in fresh British online edition Mail Online.

Doctors said it was too late for Chen to resort to the help of surgeons and become who he really is. Similar cases in medical practice are extremely rare and treatment effective only for young people.

Chen is a typical representative of intersex (intersex) – people with sexual characteristics of both sexes. So, the Chinese there are two X chromosomes, one of which contains significant the amount of genetic material from the Y chromosome. Such people look like men, but actually, genetically, are by women. As a rule, they have male genital organs, but often they are not developed.

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