Creatures on Earth Discovered electricity

On Earth, creatures that feed on electricityA photo from open sources Scientists lure sinks electricity by electrons and electrodes. It turns out evolution created living organisms that extract energy not from nutrients, but absorb it directly – in its purest form. In fact, they eat electrons and excrete them. If a person possessed such an ability, then he would not have to consume fats, proteins and carbohydrates – it would be enough to attach to an electrical outlet. Or rub yourself with an ebony stick. Or get saturated with atmospheric electricity. Or battery powered, like a hare in a famous television advertising. At the same time, as scientists say, you can live it will be almost forever – without the ailments characteristic of exchange substances.

One of the electrical bacteriaPhotos from open sources of

One of the electrical bacteria Photo: NewScientist

Bacteria became electric. Scientists have discovered them completely recently – in deserts and on the seabed. Now learn not ceasing to be surprised. After all, these creatures are representatives previously unknown life form.

As one of the researchers Kenneth explains (Kenneth Nealson) from the University of Southern California (University of Southern California, Los Angeles), “normal” organisms to extract energy requires sugar and a complex chain of chemical transformations. Electric bacteria do without intermediaries.

“This is something completely unusual,” the scientist assures. – They are like aliens from another world.

Nilson and colleagues from other universities are mining electric bacteria, luring them with electrodes. And then bred, feeding with batteries.

Trapped bacteria are different. Noticeably different from each other. The number of their species has exceeded ten.

– It seems that there is a whole world of microorganisms about which we still didn’t know anything, says Nielson.

Interested in a new life form in NASA. After all, not at all it’s possible that bacteria that only need electrons found on other planets. There is nothing more to eat or eat.

People with the properties of electrical bacteria could also be fed by current.A photo from open sources

People with the properties of electrical bacteria also could be powered by a current Photo: Social networks


They form wires

Lars Peter Nielsen and his colleagues from Aarhus University in Denmark (Aarhus University in Denmark) found that electrical bacteria are able to connect in electrical circuits, essentially forming wires. And these wires stretch along the seabed and conduct current. It is possible that an extensive network of the thinnest – a few micrometers – electrical cables woven from the bacterium covers the bottom of the whole oceans. Her appointment remains to be seen.

Maybe there is no mystical meaning in the wires. Just electric bacteria live in such colonies. And together they produce electricity necessary for life.

By the way, according to Nielsen, such bacteria can be detected everywhere. Check to see if they are nearby: put a lump dirt into a shallow plate of water and gently rotate it. If the lump after some time does not fall apart, it will mean it is held by wires woven from bacteria.

Life time

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