A giant hovering over an American city UFO

A giant UFO hovered over an American cityPhoto from open sources

Residents of Cleveland (Ohio) found on the record one of surveillance cameras a strange object that appeared in the sky above the city on February 28 and sagged for several hours, and no one seen besides the dispassionless lens of the dashcam.

On the Internet, this record appeared thanks to the ufologist Orlando Bosca, who can be said to zealously hunt for similar sensations and collects such paranormal finds for many years now. And he succeeds quite on professional level, as his ufological colleagues say workshop. “This time, the researcher showed quite An interesting record (made by him from a city online camera), proving that aliens can hang for a long time over the ones they need earthly cities or objects, apparently, for the purpose of studying them, when while remaining invisible to the human eye.

A photo from open sources

Skeptics have not found anything more reasoned than to call this UFO is an ordinary terrestrial aircraft. But firstly, no one I have not seen or heard him, and secondly, this object has no flashing lights characteristic of airplanes and helicopters, and finally, the device hangs too long in one place, which is not characteristic even of a balloon or airship.

It’s hard to say if all these arguments helped convince fans generally accepted “scientific views,” but the UFO video over Cleveland quickly spread to English, and then to other linguistic segments of the Internet and attracted the attention of many ufologists and those who are interested in this topic.

Interesting, but what do you think: why do skeptics spend their precious time, paying attention to similar materials, if they do not believe in UFOs and aliens? ..

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