A mother of 69 children died in Palestine

A mother of 69 children died in PalestinePhotos from open sources of

According to Al Arabiya, in Palestine, died a woman who in her short life gave birth to 69 children.

This was reported by local media. Large Palestinian mother was only forty years old, for which reason she died at such an early age age, not reported. Naturally, I managed to find out a journalist from her husband, a woman has been seriously ill recently, but it is not known – what, and whether this disease caused it of death.

According to one of the Arab publications, this was the most prolific a woman on the planet, however officially a Palestinian mother of many children was not recognized as a champion. In the Guinness Book of Records similar leadership is still held by a Russian woman from the Ivanovo province, which also gave birth to 69 children. She lived in the eighteenth century, the age of her death is unknown.

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