Abandoned Ghost Town in Taiwan

Taiwan’s great commander and politician Chiang Kai-shek dies in 1975
year His authority and fame were so great that
the government decides to build in honor of this man
futuristic small town with “flying” houses
cymbals “aliens. The district was chosen for construction.

According to the project, a person could climb into each such unusual house.
on the spiral staircase, but you can go down to the pool or the ocean
It was easy on a special slide. In general, a project that was considered
at that time, riding engineering, gradually became
implemented, it is said that hundreds of millions were invested
dollars (no one can even say how much). Town
grew, though not without problems.

The fact is that during its construction for unknown reasons
a lot of people died: someone inadvertently crushed by a stove, then a person
will fall from a height, even being with a safety belt, then something else.
It was rumored that builders often saw ghosts here, which is why
some even quit their jobs in spite of a good salary.
Locals explained it very simply: construction began
on the site of the Japanese “death camp”, where many people were tortured
why, they say, ghosts (disturbed souls of the dead) today and take revenge

True, the management did not pay much attention to this, as
always, the goal was higher than human life, but … here,
Apparently, the Higher Forces intervened: a crisis broke out in East Asia,
the developer went bankrupt – and the construction fell. In the eighties
the years the UFO houses in Sanzhi tried to complete the construction of new investors
construction resumed, but … not for long. Something went wrong again
so investors fought and abandoned this unfortunate object.

The most interesting thing is that the construction could be continued on
contractual basis with the future owners of these futuristic
cottages, under the acquisition of them at the stage of construction, that
practiced and practiced today and everywhere, however
the mystique of these places scared off buyers, few wanted to buy
and settle in this strange place. No advertising helped
the company.

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