Amazing plant with flying seeds

Few people know about the existence of such an amazing plant
like javanese cucumber (Alsomitra macrocarpa). These creepers are from the family
pumpkin plants grow in the rainforests of Southeast Asia,
Australia and South America. Like any other green organism,
Javanese cucumber wants its seeds to spread
as far as possible, flying away from the native tree to significant
distances. And it is the described plant that possesses, perhaps,
best ability for this.

Unusual vines climb the tallest trees. When
Javanese cucumber reaches maturity, it forms
bizarre fruits like brown rounded bells
sizes with soccer balls. Inside are hundreds of winged seeds,
which gradually peel off and fly down. Planning on
air, they are able to overcome hundreds of meters in absolutely
calm weather. The unusual structure of the surrounding seeds of the petals
allow them to even climb during the flight up. And when
With the presence of wind, seeds of javanese cucumber can fly many
kilometers maximizing the habitat of this
amazing plants.

Seed of Alsomitra macrocarpa is very thin, its thickness
is not more than one millimeter, and it is located in the very
center of gravity, giving the design a perfect balance. Wings still
thinner: just a few micrometers. Javanese seeds
cucumbers travel through the air almost like butterflies,
using air flow for flight. Australian Aviation Pioneer
Igo Etrich even used the structure of these seeds as a prototype
when creating your first aircraft. So the javanese
cucumber even had an impact on the global aircraft industry.

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