An unexpected guest at an Indian wedding -werewolf tiger

As reported by The Times of India, on Indian
the wedding suddenly appeared a tiger, which many considered to be a werewolf,
for he behaved very strangely to an ordinary predator.

It happened in Madhya Pradesh at a village wedding,
which took place traditionally in the fresh air. In the midst
celebrations suddenly from the bushes slowly came a huge tiger, to death
frightened guests and the bride and groom. Among those invited
most of whom at the sight of the beast rushed scattered, found
a born operator, from those who are not afraid to shoot a video camera
smartphone the moment of the appearance of a dangerous beast at the wedding, thanks to
what a unique video story got on many TV channels of the world.

In the village itself, where this event took place, it is believed that
свадьбу явился именно werewolf tiger. First, he behaved very
reasonably, just scaring the guests and the spouses (apparently, then
there were some personal reasons), and then, without even touching anyone,
went back home, that is, he also disappeared defiantly in the bushes.
Secondly, the cunning beast still found the victim a little later, after attacking
on a defenseless woman. This is exactly how werewolf tigers behave
Indian belief.

Note that myths about werewolf tigers are widespread in
This country is probably no less than in Russia
wolf-werewolves. According to local legends, every tiger has
one night of the year when he is not afraid of a person and can attack
him This is reflected even in the famous work of Rudyard Kipling.
�”The Book of the Jungle,” in the dialogue between the boy and the wolf, when Mowgli
talks about Sher Khan’s cunning. However, werewolf tigers behave
very different than the usual beast, because they turn
sorcerers and magicians. And so if a predator is surprisingly cunning, arrogant,
treacherous and still too sensible, then the Indians are right there
they name him a werewolf, as happened at the last village

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