Autumn folk signs

Noticing the signs of fate, people from time immemorial have created superstitions. Popular wisdom not only helped in everyday life, but also allowed us to look into the future. Having noticed one of the details of nature at a certain time of the year, you can learn about the upcoming weather conditions. Signs of autumn have reached our days, by which they determined what to expect in the near future.

signs about autumn

Autumn signs for the weather

Folk omens about the weather in autumn are based on the behavior of birds, domestic and wild animals.

  1. If a domestic cat often lies at the door, then the fall will be warm. Rains will rarely disturb people, and sunbeams will become frequent guests in rooms. The quickly drying fallen leaves and a light breeze will create a cozy atmosphere outside.
  2. A cat lying on the windowsill for a long time in autumn is a harbinger of rains. Soon, cloudy skies and muddy streets will become a familiar autumn landscape. Dampness and dampness will affect the individual, and he will become sad and gloomy.
  3. As superstitions say, howling dogs indicate early winter on an autumn night. Snow will fall ahead of schedule, and cold will come immediately after the short Indian summer. After that, it is worth waiting for frosty December, January with slippery roads from ice and blizzard February. There will be no warmth in March either, as spring will be late.
  4. To see the squirrels jumping on the branches in September – by the warm Indian summer. The sun will peep into the city for 2 weeks. But despite its rays, there will be a cool wind outside. Deceptive weather will last until December, so it is worth waiting for an epidemic of viral diseases.
  5. A squirrel on a branch in October is a harbinger of abundant leaf fall. In 2 weeks, all the trees will instantly become bare. A thick carpet of withered vegetation will spoil the pleasant autumn melancholy. Because of this situation, after the first snow, the street will be dirty, and a white sheet will not cover the ground soon.
  6. If a person saw a squirrel in November, then the winter will be short and little snow. There will be no severe frosts, ice or heavy snowfalls. However, in the last autumn month, it is worth waiting for dankness and prolonged rains. Spring will come a few weeks earlier, thanks to which it will be possible to admire the greenery and early flowers already in April.
  7. As the signs say, a large number of butterflies on the street in the first weeks of autumn is a harbinger of a good mushroom harvest. A person does not have to spend a lot of time to find forest fruits. It will be enough to look into the usual places, the number of edible hats there will be more than usual.

folk signs of autumn

Autumn signs for family life

Autumn signs relate not only to the coming weather conditions. You can also use them to find out what awaits a person and his family in the coming month.

  • If in the fall in the garden near the house the flowers retain their beauty, despite the weather conditions, then it is worth waiting for the news of the birth of a child. A close friend will have a baby. The baby will receive a good upbringing. In the future, parents will take care of the correct training and opportunities for self-realization.
  • In accordance with the signs, a large puddle in front of the entrance to the house is a harbinger of shame. A family member will lose control of the situation. He will not be subject to what is happening, because of which he will make many unforgivable mistakes. This will leave a big mark on your reputation, which can only be washed off after a long time.
  • A bird that flew into the room in the fall is bad news soon. The person learns about the misfortune that happened to one of the relatives. However, due to their own problems, it will not be possible to help a family member. The only thing a person can offer is moral support and connections.
  • If the tree at the house turned yellow earlier than the others in the fall, then there will soon be a conflict in the family. Relatives will not be able to understand how the offspring envisions their future. New opportunities and development options will not be similar to traditional ones, which will raise doubts about future success. Only after long explanations and conversations can a person get the approval of relatives and start work.
  • As the signs say, foliage that has not fallen from a tree near the house indicates the affection of young lovers. The couple’s relationship will move to another level, thanks to which the partners will become closer to each other. The trust of life mates will also be reflected in how others perceive them. The society will form an opinion about the couple as a strong union, which will soon be formalized as an official marriage.
  • To see a flock of birds perched on a tree near the window in the fall is a financial problem. Due to unplanned expenses and reduced income, you will have to give up most of the expenses. In the future, the situation will only worsen, which will cause a revision of habits.

Signs about autumn have come down to us in large numbers. Therefore, we can look into the future by noticing changes in the environment. Moreover, in addition to weather conditions, those upcoming events that concern him personally, friends and family will open before the individual.

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