Signs for December about the weather

The first month of winter is called ‘jelly’ because of the snow and frost. There are many signs about the weather in December, thanks to which the Slavs learned to predict the yield and weather conditions for the next months.

signs of December about the weather

Signs about the weather

Signs about the weather in December are composed of centuries-old observations of the Slavs over the sky and natural phenomena.

  • dry weather – spring and summer will not please with rains;
  • thunder outside the window – signs promise severe frosts;
  • no precipitation until February – don’t expect snow until February 10;
  • according to the signs, if the wind blows from the north, expect a big cold snap;
  • if Christmas is warm, expect snow in February;
  • heavy snowfall at the beginning of the month – according to signs, it will be rainy June;
  • clear stars are visible in the sky – to frost;
  • windows ‘fogged up’ – signs promise warming;
  • if it snows with wind in early December – the same weather on Maslenitsa;
  • according to the signs, if fog spreads after December 20, expect warming;
  • clouds float to the south from the north side – expect a thaw, in the opposite direction – bad weather.

folk signs about the weather for December

Weather forecasting by animals

  • the rooks stayed for the winter hut – it will be warm in winter;
  • bullfinches flew in – to the cold;
  • according to the signs, if the goose tightens its legs – a cold snap;
  • chickens climbed high on perches – to the cold;
  • the hares did not change their fur coat – to warmth.

The Slavs also predicted the weather using crows. If a bird sits on the top of a tree and hides its beak, expect imminent cold weather. A raven sits in the center of a tree – a strong wind is approaching. If the bird freely gallops on the ground, there will be warming.

folk signs of December about the weather

Harvest signs

Folded over the centuries and passed down by generations, folk signs of December about the weather predict the next harvest in the summer.

  • sunny December – signs promise drought;
  • cloudy and warm all month – winter wheat will be born;
  • snowfalls and frost on trees – for the harvest;
  • according to signs, if a lot of snow falls close to the fence – the summer is dry, there are gaps between the snow and the fence – next year there will be a harvest.

weather signs for December by day

Signs for every day

According to Slavic belief, each December day has its own folk omen.

  1. Good weather predicts early spring. In the old days, they noticed how many times the weather changes – how many times winter changes.
  2. During the day, the sky is clear – there will be frosts, dim – it will get warmer. Crimson sky in the evening – wait for snowfall.
  3. Snowy weather on December 3 promises rain on June 3.
  4. Frost and snow will bring a harsh winter. Many clouds – to bad weather.
  5. Morning frost on the branches – the next year is fruitful.
  6. The north wind predicts cloudiness without frost. Wet snow – wait for rain on June 6.
  7. The clear weather on December 7 predicts cold weather. If the stars seem small, there will be a blizzard.
  8. Frost in the morning – there will be frost. Birds keep close to houses – there will be snowfall, singing songs – it will be clear, playing – wait for the wind. Crows have sat on the top of the tree – wait for the warmth.
  9. Frost on December 9 predicts a severe cold for Nicholas the Wonderworker (December 19). If it’s warm – by a sunny winter.
  10. The bright shine of the stars at night means the approach of cold weather. Sparrows are chirping towards warming.
  11. The cat scratches on the chair – it will be cold. There is snow – a fruitful summer.
  12. If there is a snowfall on Paramona winter indicator, a blizzard will soon be without frost. Crimson dawn – in a strong wind.
  13. Cold and sun on the 13th promises a fruitful year. The cat licks itself on the stove – to the frost.
  14. The north wind will bring a quick cold. Snowfall in the form of flakes – to bad weather.
  15. A nebula in the sky around the moon – a blizzard. There is snow – wait for the harvest.
  16. There is little water in the wells or bullfinches sing – there will be warming.
  17. East wind or stars are visible at night – predicts a blizzard.
  18. Frosty during the day – warm in the evening. Dogs sleep a lot and eat little – to a cold.
  19. Good weather on Nikola warns of imminent frosts. The weather of winter Nikolai marks the weather of summer Nikolai (22 May).
  20. The wind from the east in gusts or the cat drinks a lot – to a long cold.
  21. To see large white clouds in the sky – to the approach of a blizzard. Branches break under the weight of snow – a fruitful summer.
  22. The day determines the weather conditions for the New Year – what the weather is on the 22nd, this will be the same on the 31st.
  23. The sun on the street means extreme cold.
  24. The crows scream and turn their beaks to the south – for an imminent thaw. This day is considered successful for worshiping and praying to Saint Nikon with a request to protect the family and home from evil spirits.
  25. The sun on December 25 predicts clear and sunny Christmastide (January 17-19).
  26. The magpie flew in and sat on the snow – to the warmth, the wolf howls near the hut – to a strong blizzard.
  27. Cold, snow and wind on this day predict an excellent harvest of winter crops.
  28. The weather of this day is used to judge the weather conditions in March. If it is frosty in the morning and warm in the evening, there is a severe cold ahead.
  29. This day determines the April weather. Frost on branches – warming by Christmastide (January 7), frost on the street – by cold Epiphany (January 19).
  30. The day predicts May weather conditions. If you see frost in the morning, warmth will come soon.
  31. Large flakes of snow are falling – a quick thaw. There is a strong cold – there will be no snow in the near future.

weather signs December

December wedding

For those who want to join their destiny in the first winter month, December will bring a happy and prosperous family life. Winter promises young people wealth, stability and financial well-being.

According to weather signs, a snowfall or blizzard on the wedding day will bring a long and happy life to a young family. If it is very cold for the wedding, the couple will have their first child, a boy.

Warming promises young people a carefree life. It started raining on their wedding day – to the financial well-being of the family. The variability of weather conditions on the wedding day predicts instability for the young in their relationship.

December is an unpredictable winter month. While winter comes into its own, you can plan your homework, focusing on folk signs.

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