Folk omens about the weather for July

People made predictions for every season. Over time, calendars and chronology changed, but superstitions accumulated and passed from mouth to mouth. Thanks to this, folk signs for July have come down to us.

They will help you determine what to expect from the weather and nature in summer and September, as well as suggest which actions are best to avoid on certain days of the month.

Signs in July

Signs for every day about the weather in July

Depending on what kind of weather is set on one of the July days, you can understand what to expect from the near future.

  • If the weather is rainy outside, folk signs on July 1 foreshadow the rest of the summer days cloudy. The sun indicates soft warmth, not sultry weather for 2 months. The chirping of birds – to a clear, clear sky. The first day of this summer month, according to the pagan calendar, is Yarilin’s day.
  • The loud singing of birds in the morning of the 2nd is a sign indicating a cloudy week. In the coming 7 days, the sky will rarely clear up.
  • If it was sunny on July 3 and 4, then in the coming days the weather will be good outside.
  • Precipitation on the night from 5 to 6 is a harbinger of temperature jumps. In a short period of time, the heat will subside to a slight coolness, and then heat will reestablish.
  • Clear Sky 9 is an omen of a prolonged drought at the end of the month. Sultry weather will last for several days.
  • To see flying swallows on July 10 means, according to the signs of the weather, warm weather will come soon.
  • The clouds on the 11th foreshadow a long Indian summer. It will last longer than usual.
  • Rain on July 12, a sign heralds a dry August, with a scorching sun and sultry air.
  • Hearing the croaking of frogs in the evening of 13 – to a strong wind during the week. The speed of the gusts can be significant, so you shouldn’t be surprised by broken tree branches.
  • If there were a lot of midges on the day 15, then the next day it is worth waiting for rain with a thunderstorm.
  • Cold snap on the night of July 17-18 is a harbinger of a short summer. By mid-August, autumn will come into its own, rains and a light frost will begin.
  • July 21 is the day when sunny weather foreshadows imminent precipitation, and clouds – prolonged heat.
  • If there was fog on the morning of the 22nd, then it is worth waiting for the early departure of the birds to the south.
    On the 22nd, special attention should be paid to grass. If it is leaning to the ground, then August will be hot and exhausting. If the blades of grass stretch towards the sky, then you should expect pleasant and warm weather.
  • According to popular predictions, frogs jumping near people’s homes on July 23 is a harbinger of drought, and then heavy rains.
  • If at night from 25 to 26 the sky was cloudy, then during the next week it will be especially hot.
  • Starry night on July 30 – by warm August.
  • Clouds and thunderstorm on July 31 – signs portend an unexpected cold snap. Chilly weather, reminiscent of autumn, will set in for several days.

Signs and superstitions associated with nature

  1. Rains in the first week of the month – to a large harvest of mushrooms. Useful gifts of the forest will appear even earlier, so one can hope for abundant supplies.
  2. A fast harvest in the second summer month heralds a short Indian summer. It will either not be there at all, or the warm days at the end of September will quickly change to rainy and rainy ones.
  3. Traditionally, the chirping of grasshoppers is believed to herald the rapid withering of dense grass due to dry weather.
  4. If there are a lot of birds in the city in July, then, according to folk customs, the fall leaves will be especially abundant and long-lasting – until the first snow.

Household signs

Folk signs for July say that by doing things on certain days, you can attract luck or happiness.

  • If you plant a houseplant on the night of June 2, it will actively grow, diseases will not harm it.
  • On the 5th, signs recommend doing small errands, then the person will be especially productive and will do everything planned.
  • If you make an appointment at 7, then it will be successful and will delight both interlocutors, regardless of the topic of conversation.
  • There is no need to plan any deadlines at 12. Otherwise, the person will not cope with the task, violating the deadline. The quality of work will also suffer.
  • The only week in July when it is worth lending money and repaying the debt is from 15 to 23. Borrowing or lending on other days – to large spending and an unforeseen financial crisis.
  • As the signs say by day, dreams come true on the night of July 25. If you had a nightmare, then you definitely need to neutralize it.
  • 29, 30 and 31 are the days when girls are especially sensitive. Therefore, it is worth protecting them from quarrels, otherwise they can become critical and the last for the couple.

The superstitions that have survived to this day point to positive and negative events that can happen in July. If you carefully look at the predictions, you can prevent troubles, signs will help you learn about the upcoming happiness.

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