What the best signs of December say

Many years ago there were no measuring instruments that could predict what the weather would be like in 1, 2, 3 months, and therefore December signs were invented, which are still relevant today. The main signs of December are associated with the weather that will be on one day or another.

the best signs of December

If this month all the days are clear and practically free of frost, then next year there will be no harvest, and if the month, on the contrary, is cold with precipitation, then it will be possible to feed the whole family from your garden. And if thunder suddenly thunders in winter, then severe frosts will begin from that day.

Signs for every day of December

Our ancestors invented many omens for the beginning of the snowy season. All of them are justified and did not arise from scratch. Signs for December allow you to learn about the weather, harvest, prosperity for the coming year and are revered by many people, as they are time-tested and most often come true.

Below is the calendar of folk signs for the first winter month – December:

  1. On the first day of winter, it is necessary to observe the weather: if it is warm, then the whole snow season will be soft and not cold. If it’s frosty, the air temperature in the rest of the winter months will drop very low. If there are changes in the weather, then it is worth preparing for the fact that all winter months will be the same changeable. Another interesting sign is that if fresh rust appears on the latch, then the weather will be cold.
  2. When the birds arrive on the second day, it is worth waiting for frosts.
  3. If it snows on December 3rd, expect rain on July 3rd, don’t plan holidays. When a bullfinch sings on this day, wait for a blizzard.
  4. If snow falls on 4 numbers, it will soon melt, warming is expected.
  5. If it is frosty and the water in the hole has risen above the ice, wait for warming.
  6. On the 6th day of the last month of the year, the northerly wind and sleet predict that on July 6 rainfall and the same wind that will seem to blow off your feet should be expected.
  7. If the weather is clear on December 7, then the whole winter will be frosty. Formed circles around the moon – to the cold, the sun’s rays rise up – to the blizzard.
  8. When the roosters start crowing early in the morning on December 8, you should expect a thaw.
  9. If the next day a wolf howls near the house, this indicates that frost will soon hit.
  10. The tenth is the Day of Saint Roman, which is considered to be successful for various things.
  11. But on December 11, you can go to the well and listen to its sounds: if you heard the water splashing, then expect an increase in the budget soon.
  12. If a lot of snow falls on the 12th day of the month, you need to prepare for a blizzard, which will last for a week.
  13. If snow falls and does not melt on the 13th, it will stay for another 110 days. The cat is washed – for a clear and sunny weather. The clouds sink low and move quickly towards the cold.
  14. When the dull barking of dogs is heard on December 14, expect snowfall.
  15. If there is a lot of snow on the 15th, then the grass will be thick in summer.
  16. When on December 16 in the sky the stars go out, then light up – it is worth waiting for a blizzard.
  17. The wind from the east side on the 17th – towards frost, the barking of a dog can be heard far away – to warming, dry branches of trees are strongly bent – towards a blizzard.
  18. According to signs, December 18 is a very frosty day, and therefore people try not to leave their homes.
  19. South wind on the 19th – to early warming and snowfall. How much precipitation there will be on this day, so much is it worth waiting for grass in the summer. If frost appears in the morning – expect a good yield.
  20. But December 20 portends the weather in six months: if it’s cold, then the summer will be hot and vice versa.
  21. Singing tits on December 21, the winter solstice, portends a severe frost.
  22. If the 22nd day is warm and the sun shines brightly, then 31st will be a frosty day. And if a lot of frost appears on the trees and it is cloudy, then the New Year’s day will be cloudy, but warm.
  23. When magpies fly near the house on December 23, expect a blizzard.
  24. If there is no end to the crows on the 24th day of the month, then a strong blizzard will come.
  25. When sparrows drag the fluff into the nest on December 25, the omen indicate that this is a harbinger of severe frosts. If it is clear, Christmastide will not be frosty, and when the sun is in the morning, it means that the next year will be very warm.
  26. Looking at the weather on the 26th, it was possible to predict the forecast until the end of the year.
  27. If on December 27 the weather changes all day long, wait for a thaw, and when it froze at night, heavy snow will fall during the day.
  28. When the wind is strong on the 28th, the summer will be warm and dry.
  29. If a hard frost hits 29, then it will persist until the very baptism.
  30. When frost appears on the trees on the 30th, wait a week for warming.
  31. If snow crunches while walking on the roads on December 31, a sign promises a thaw.

December wedding

The first month of winter is a good time for a wedding; a bride in a snow-white dress looks great against the background of snow-covered trees and snowdrifts. But weddings during this period are impossible because of the Christmas fast.

If the spouses have a common business, things will go well, the man and woman will understand each other perfectly.

The strength of relations is emphasized by the December frosts. If severe frosts hit on the very day of the wedding – this is a happy life. An excellent sign can be called when frosts stood for several days before the celebration itself. However, on December 4, it is not customary to arrange a wedding party.

Signs for every day of December

The most successful days in December for celebrating a wedding, according to folk signs:

  • December 1st. The day falls on the 21 lunar day, and therefore it is better than the rest for creating something new, for example, a family.
  • 5th of December. Marriage promises harmony and relationships between young people.
  • December 11th. The spouses will protect their family and seek compromises to avoid quarrels.
  • December 15. One of the best dates for the union. According to the omen, all dreams will come true, and plans will come true.
  • On December 20, harmonious marriages are created, where the husband and wife fit together.
  • 31th of December. The date again falls under 21 lunar days, and therefore is successful.

If it snows on the wedding date, then the relationship will be good and the family will be rich. And even if it rains, this is a good omen indicating the wealth of the family. And if the weather is unstable and constantly changing during the day, the life of the newlyweds will be just as fickle: you can expect quarrels and pleasant moments.

If it snows on your wedding date

Other wedding signs include the following:

  • a stocking broke – an early replenishment in the family (if there are several arrows – to the birth of a boy, when she is alone and even, then it is worth waiting for a girl);
  • the appearance of crows at the ceremony – to fidelity and love to the grave;
  • admiration for each other during the ceremony – to betrayal of one of the spouses;
  • you need to go to the registry office along one road, and go home along the other;
  • do not wipe with one towel and do not eat from the same dish – the marriage will be fragile.

It is not recommended for newlyweds to be photographed alone at the December wedding, the pictures should only be joint, so that the union is strong.

December is the last month of the year from which the real winter begins, a lot of signs are associated with it, this is one of the successful periods for starting something new, and therefore many families are in a hurry to conclude their union.

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