Belief in the supernatural has never been as widespread as it is today

Belief in the supernatural has never been more prevalent than it is today.A photo from open sources

You might think that these days, when pragmatism and skepticism are considered almost the standard of worldview, and various superstitions constantly being ridiculed, belief in the supernatural will begin swiftly wane.

Say, we have advanced science and high technology, and space exploration is gaining momentum. And why modern man, one asks, to believe in all the devilry? Not less according to researchers of parapsychology and occultism from the Canadian city of Montreal, the inhabitants of the Earth have never believed in the unidentified mystic is so much stronger than today.

If you sincerely believe in the existence of ghosts and angels, aliens and alien ships, snowmen and Loch Ness monsters, then you are far from alone in your views. Despite the fact that we live in a secular, post-religious era, reasoning about the supernatural is becoming increasingly important to the average layman of the western world. And a big role in this, contrary to the expectations of the materialists, it was the technical progress.

Faith strengthened by modern technology or something else?

When cameras became ubiquitous and camcorders, especially on mobile phones, meeting with uncharted did not depart into the realm of tradition, as cynics suggested. On the contrary, now that everyone always has in their pocket recording device, cryptids, natives of the subtle world and “flying saucers” have become even more real for many of us. A when the Internet appeared, then all the eyewitnesses to the paranormal phenomena got the opportunity to share their experiences and intended evidence of mysticism with the whole world.

A photo from open sources

The same goes for space. It was beyond our planets appear camcorders, as they immediately began to get something unimaginable. Daily ufologists spread to the World a web of hundreds of materials depicting unidentified flying objects and other extraterrestrial anomalies. Even if you are not ready for the first call to believe that it is imprinted on these materials the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, you probably all acknowledge equally: in near space there is a lot of that official science is unable to explain.

By the way, people of traditional science themselves already refuse to speak of the supernatural with unequivocal neglect. Famous scientists are increasingly recognizing that we are not alone in the universe, that human consciousness continues to exist in some other form after the death of the body (a person has a soul, there is reincarnation), that in the dark corners of the earth amazing creatures may be lurking, oh which have never been written in zoology textbooks that exist parallel worlds, and time itself is one of the many dimensions of the Universe, and therefore travel is quite real, as in past and future. In general, as they say, we arrived …

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