Black yeti comes out of the forest

Black Yeti Comes Out of the ForestPhotos from open sources

If you will drive along the Startown Road in American the city of Maiden, North Carolina, you can see during his picturesque journey of a snowman emerging from the woods. A two meter cryptid will patiently await you here and in your next trip.

Of course, the monster is not real, although at first impressionable Americans were horrified and even called the police. On the very same In fact, it is a silhouette cut out of plywood, painted black. Who is the author of such an unusual installation is not known. A large village market is nearby, and many consider that standing near the forest bigfoot is peculiar advertising booth established by the owners of the fair. Yeti became famous enough. Visitors take pictures with him, doing on the pictures look like a monster is chasing them.

A photo from open sources

They say that in the 70s of the last century, local resident Scott Ellington went for a walk in the forest and came across in more often a tall, humanoid creature with dirty brown hair. The man, without hesitation for a long time, immediately set off. Later Scott told me that the bigfoot scared him not only with his a terrible look, but also with some piercing gaze: it’s like read your thoughts …

However, a popular destination among bigfoot hunters Maiden, in spite of this, did not. However someone rather of all the enterprising managers, remembered about yeti, once frightened Ellington, and the hand of a talented artist embodied this a good idea in life.


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