British plumbers usedowsing to make it easier to find leaks and the pipes themselves

Curious information that may even seem
fiction, arrived the other day from the United Kingdom. None
however, it turned out to be true.

It turned out that local water services are increasingly
use ancient magic called dowsing to look for
leaks, and the pipes themselves are underground. Even hundreds of years ago, people
found in this way the vegetative moisture hidden in the soil.

Shipping is a parapsychological practice
the search for water in the depths of the earth with the help of the simplest
tools. Previously, dowsers used for this a fork from
vines (hence the name) or branches. Today for this purpose
mainly two metal bent at right angles are used
knitting needles. Official science still counts dowsing
quackery and does not recognize him, not to mention the evaluation
effectiveness of such practices. Because it is even more surprising that
British plumbers have resorted to a similar old method
regardless of any official views on it.

Oxford University student Sally Lepage did the other day
unusual blog entry. Englishwoman told users
The Internet that her parents recently called a pipeline
leak checks in the water conduit to the house. The hosts and their daughter were
amazed when they saw the window as a specialist from the service
water supply goes to the back yard, holding in each hand
curved L-shaped metal tool. Confuse it
the witnesses could not work with anything else – the plumber was looking for
water leakage in the land using dowsing!

After Sally Lepage’s record appeared in the World
the web, many girls compatriots told her that too
observed this behavior of the pipeline. A lot of commentators
only now did I understand what the meaning of this “mysterious

Do British water services train their staff
dowsing? If so, then it is safe to say that
humanity is gradually maturing, realizing what hidden
Opportunities conceal ancient knowledge about the world around us,
knowledge that we in our scientific pride called witchcraft and
quackery, not even realizing what a great power it is …

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