Caught a shark older than Ivan the Terrible

Danish zoologists have made an unexpected and surprising discovery of
the northern coast of Greenland. Scientists have caught a 3-meter
the Atlantic polar shark, which turned out to be truly unique
individual of its own species. Fortunately, the fish did not die, and experts from
University of Copenhagen determined how rare instance
fell into their hands, examining him alive. Then a huge sea
the inhabitant was released back into the water.

It turned out that the age of the shark is about 512 years, that is
over half a millennium! Imagine that this fish is bigger
similar to the monster from the Howard Lovecraft book, lived even then,
when Russia was ruled by Ivan the Terrible, and in England he earned fame
national poet William Shakespeare. According to his impressions
by the discovery of Danish researchers, they sincerely hope that this
the creature will live the same amount and sometime it will surprise more
their colleagues from the future.

Amazingly, many shark species are hypothetically capable of living.
forever. If such a fish does not develop illnesses caused by external
factors, and does not receive critical injuries, does not die from others,
even more creepy monsters of the ocean depths (sometimes it happens
for example, in 2009, Australian fishermen near the island of Stradbroek
dragged by a net of the shark, which in life was at least
8 meters, and she was ate some kind of sea monster –
such a monster must be at least 15 meters long:
see about this video below), it may continue to exist
infinitely long. Science calls such a phenomenon “negligible

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