Chase the bear yes know the measure

On the island of Paramushir, which is part of the Northern Group
Great ridge of the Kuril Islands of Russia, there was a curious
case, which, however, almost turned into a tragedy.

The young fishermen decided to chase away the uninvited guest, namely
bear, recently appeared on the territory of the fishing camp. WITH
To this end, two brave souls began to drive the beast with the help
snowmobiles that naturally moved through the snow considerably
faster than a bear, and therefore seemed safe in this situation.

Thanks to modern digital technology, all this was filmed on
video camera, because not every day such “luck” happens –
the opportunity to chase the snowy tundra for the clubfoot. Well guys and
got carried away a little, especially that young man who
directly filmed this video (see below).

At some point, a fisherman on a snowmobile approached a bear
too close. Sensing this, the beast turns around sharply and
attacks the pursuer. Only by a miracle and thanks to the excellent
the snowmobile driver’s reaction managed to dodge and avoid being hit
deadly claws of a formidable predator. However, see for yourself how
it all happens …

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