Chupacabra is rampant in Ukraine

In the Ukrainian city of Galich in the north of Ivano-Frankivsk region
an unknown creature appeared, harming farmers. Mysterious creature
breaks cages with domestic rabbits, however for an unknown reason
does not devour cattle.

Instead, the predator smothers the animals, drinks all the blood from them, and
then even puts their carcass in a row. As if mocking … Citizens
believe that they have started up the legendary chupacabra, which
periodically met in many parts of the world, including in

Alena Stefunko, thus deprived of thirty rabbits,
said that a similar misfortune struck a few days ago and
her neighbors. True, those alleged chupacabra strangled only
eleven rabbits. Every time an unknown creature
sneaks into the plots at night, start to bark furiously the dogs. The
However, they can not resist the bloodthirsty predator.
After each visit, the four-legged helpers look very

Alena’s husband Vladimir says he has no idea how to fight
with this mysterious pest. Dead rabbits showed
veterinary employees, but they only threw up their hands: they are not
know what animal would choke these harmless animals, not
devouring them, and even laying out the dead carcasses in even rows.
It seems that the predator in this way is just
It is played with both its victims and people.

Spouses Stefunko also told that they saw in early summer
Chupacabra with my own eyes. She swept past their fence like
a huge gray shadow, scaring the dog of the family, which at the same time
huddled into a corner and began to whine plaintively …

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