Chupacabra reappears in Astrakhan

Note that the messages about the attack of the Chupacabra on the home
Animals of the private sector of Astrakhan appear every year. And although
official science throws up only hands yes trying to explain this
robbery by the attack of natural predators, such as the steppe ferret
or the jackal, the mythical creature continues its raids, not sparing chickens,
geese, rabbits and other household animals, bringing serious
damage to the inhabitants of this city.

The latest Chupacabra raid on the private sector of Trusovsky District
Astrakhan happened literally the other day. The inhabitants of houses suffered
standing near the Kirov Hospital. For example (see
video), among them Nailya Rakhmetovna, who lives on ul. 4th
Novoslobodskaya, her farm Chupacabra visited on the night of the past
friday This is what a woman says to correspondents of “ –
Astrakhan news “:

Of course, we can talk about ferrets, foxes and jackals, but
hurts the handwriting of this robber chupocabre. First, the strengths of
the beast is huge, it breaks and smashes the cells like matchboxes.
Secondly, the meat does not eat, drinks only blood from its victims.
Thirdly, the dogs sit in their kennels, tail between their legs when
this robbery takes place, and even the most ferocious are afraid to bark
dogs, why we learn about the pogrom only in the morning. Finally, before that
the snow fell, and near the house and enclosures – not a trace, as if
the robber flew through the air, tore up the cells, drank blood and …
flew away again. Mysticism, and only!

By the way, we say that some cryptozoologists believe that all these
mysterious beasts — yeti, chupacabras, Nessie, and so on — appear
from a parallel world. Perhaps this alone can explain not
only their elusiveness, but also the absence in this particular case
tracks in the snow.

By the way, the bloodless carcass of the ruined cattle husband Naila
Rakhmetovna drove to the veterinary examination, only hopes
that thanks to this something will become clear, not enough. As the man says
at least they told the truth, and then again they will think of something …

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