Electronics devours a human biofield

Electronics devours a human biofieldA photo from open sources

Scientists are extremely concerned about a new phenomenon – total destruction human energy system, which occurs under the influence of numerous electronic devices and their radiation. Already many fatal cases have been recorded. Maybe it’s about a real epidemic caused by a new microbe – “aura eater”. The fact that all electronic devices have harmful radiation and pose a threat to our health, only those who don’t know lives in such a wilderness where they don’t watch TV, don’t they say they don’t use the Internet and microwave ovens (however, these people just nothing really threatens). Exposure to appliances born civilization, goes in different directions, and as yet completely not it’s clear how to deal with it. It is no coincidence that such a serious the office, like Gosstandart of the Russian Federation, registered the BIO sign – two truncated disjoint ovals – informing the consumer that this product does not endanger its biofield, which means radiation from her are minimal. Electronic chaos Man and other living things organisms can function normally only if through them biological energy is constantly being pumped. In physics such systems are called nonequilibrium. The order is important in them; when chaos sets in, they perish. A prime example is cancer: an ordinary cell grows in a strictly defined order in the stomach, in the liver, and cancer – anywhere. Cancer in terms of biophysics – the triumph of chaos in the body. The order in our body is supported, first of all, by the system acupuncture channels and points, which in the East since ancient times was the basis of any treatment, and in recent decades is recognized and West: it is used in reflexology. To the same mechanisms bioenergy centers – chakras related to endocrine glands. Points and channels of acupuncture, chakras – physically recorded factor in our body, which means that any physical device affects their work. Sometimes – constructively, which is used, for example, in physiotherapy, but more often nevertheless – it’s destructive and all people on our the planet. According to the candidate of biological sciences, the president of the Foundation the ecology of the home of Eugene Faydysh, the most harmful to order in body microwave oven and mobile phone, as well as television advertising, and also all other electronics and electrical appliances from which comes explicit artificial radiation. “Put simple experience, the scientist suggests. – Turn on the channel on which drive the most advertising, and leave the house for three or four hours. A sensitive person will immediately feel how much the atmosphere in the house got worse. One who is not sensitive different, you can resort to the help of a recognized psychic – cats. Bring her to a room that is several hours in a row advertisements irradiated, and you will see that the animal will begin to meow nervously and scratch. Saturation of the house with vital energy under the influence of advertising has plummeted. To feel the difference, do the same most, but putting a video cassette with views of nature, with recordings good, non-aggressive music or some kind of calm, beautiful movie. In the created atmosphere will be where more comfortable for you and the cat. “Advertising is the chaos that TV, like a pump, pumps into the house. And it annoys not only because she went and annoying. We just subconsciously feel vague discomfort, even if we do not delve into its contents … However we can not do without a TV, and television without ads. To minimize its harmful effects, experts advise do not keep the TV in the bedroom, turn off when advertising is in progress, sound or switch to other channels. And when you turn off the TV and computer, it is advisable to cover the screen to mute it radiation. The latter is necessary for the same reason that it is customary to hang mirrors when a dead person is in the house. Electronic media open the door where entities from otherworldly entities can penetrate worlds, and they are in this regard even stronger than a mirror. Created they channel leading to another reality, lasts for many hours after of how they are turned off is electronics. Dead and alive Ways to treat injuries caused to human energy by the evil eye or by the manipulations of an evil sorcerer, developed, tested and honed for millennia. Their arsenal is huge – from self-use of aromatic oils and beneficial sound vibrations before bioenergy replenishment carried palms and eyes of a psychic. But only in recent decades humanity is faced with the aggressive effects of our environment everywhere technology and its radiation, and the human biofield faced him almost unarmed. Psychics have no experience in such affairs. In ecology, the new concept of “electromagnetic could. “It means that we, without feeling it, are literally drowning in electromagnetic fields generated by power cables, TVs, computers, refrigerators and mobile phones. And the aura that biophysicists define as psychoenergetic and bio-informational “skeleton” of the body also has a wave and resonant nature. She, being a living cluster of waves, interacts with waves dead from radiation from electronics. About one form of interaction of living and dead waves heard probably many. Electronics can be deduced by volitional impulse out of action endowed with superpowerful biofield psychics like Uri Geller, as confirmed by laboratory tests. However, each, of course, met the most ordinary people, by no means consider themselves psychics, which for some reason can not stand all kinds of appliances. In their house, they break much faster than the rest. In recent years, however, much more often the opposite process – when the system of energy meridians and human aura are burned or devoured by devices – their radiation. At the appointment with a reflexologist, the patient’s acupuncture points do not give no response, psychics come to a standstill without seeing around him body protective energy cocoon. About the ominous phenomenon a lot debated at a recent conference in London “Information and bio-energy security of man”, which conducted by the International Center for Information Technology. Wave microbe Some participants in the bioenergy conference Security Neutrally Calls New Phenomenon Syndrome self-destruction of the biofield “- PRS. Others, more daring,” wave microbe. “And the Japanese biophysicist Hiramu Yokoto even suggested that we are talking about the emergence of a new kind of creatures that are somewhere in the intermediate state between the dead and the living. Instead of organic, they use a wave shell, however possess characteristics of living things like reproduction, nutrition and excretion. How does infection happen? electromagnetic virus? There is no consensus among scientists. Hiroma Yokoto believes that it all starts with one of the waves human aura completely resonates with the radiation of some kind electrical appliance. Actually, the parameters of the biofield and electromagnetic fields of technology are very different in resonance and quality. However, with the current electromagnetic pollution of the habitat statistical probability of coincidence, or, as expressed the Japanese, the combination of vibration, increased dramatically. Our compatriot – physiotherapist Dmitry Bogomazov put forward another hypothesis. Gradual eating of the biofield by the dead vibration occurs approximately on the same principle as in the body of a person with a weakened immune system or with a as a result of taking antibiotics, microflora begins to actively multiply, not meeting resistance, pathogenic microorganisms. For example, thrush-causing fungus; or the microbe “helicobacter pylori” that lives in the stomach, which, according to the latest evidence is most often the cause of gastritis and ulcers the stomach. Aura disease develops similarly. Unbalanced by the ongoing electromagnetic bombardment the biofield begins to produce coarse, close in characteristics to non-living, vibrations that gradually absorb vibrations more Thin and less resistant to brute force of radiation of electronics. The most subtle in a person are vibrations of the spiritual, intellectual and emotional properties. The process of self-destruction of the aura begins it is with them. Then it extends to the vibration itself bodily, emanating from cells and organs, causing them leading to death pathology. The process is reminiscent of cancer cells devouring. healthy cells. The paradox is that devoid of normal bioenergy recharge the body somehow holds on, only constantly surrounded by electronics whose radiation replaces natural energy exchange with the biosphere. Nature has thought everything through, but people forgot about this by planting their body on a constant feed from the radiation of electronics, which leads it into deplorable condition from various diseases. Symptoms of the disease A person with a biofield self-destruction syndrome, initially perceived by others simply as a workaholic. He is ready for days not get out from the computer and even in bed does not part with mobile phone. If the victim is a housewife, then she is infinite busy washing on a computerized washing machine, cleaning with using an electronic vacuum cleaner, fussing with a microwave and so Further. By the way, there is reason to believe that there is no workaholic – pathological passion for work independent of provoked self-destruction devices of the biofield do not exist at all. Remember: they started talking about workaholics in the seventies, that is, it was then, when the electronic boom began. Among workaholics extremely rare there are, for example, acrobats, cleaners or livestock breeders. Usually they are company employees surrounded by photocopiers and computers. Or, say, singers who actively use electronic equipment. To any people infected with wave microbe prefer computer games, listening to deafening, amplified speakers of rock music, but most often – TV. From ordinary a lover to gawk into the “box”, which among us is the majority, their distinguished by the fact that they are usually not able to coherently state the content of the television show that was watched. TO Unfortunately, real anxiety in relatives usually appears only when such a person becomes uncommunicative, and his actions, even outwardly, acquire obvious automatism. it means that the intellectual and emotional components of the aura are already absorbed by rough vibrations picked up by the electronics and the thing for biological components. Appeal to therapists and gives psychiatrists zero effect: mental contact with the patient to the doctor cannot be established, because the emotional psychoenergetic center no longer functioning. Medications do not help. Between the dependence of the unfortunate on electronic devices continues grow. A typical outcome of a bio-field self-destruction is sudden death from heart attack, stroke, or other transient diseases during outdoor recreation or immediately after retirement. Official medicine invariably attributes it to overwork and prolonged stresses, the reaction to which occurs exactly at the moment when some relaxation happens. *** Antidotes to the Syndrome self-destruction of the biofield does not exist, except, to live in nature without the benefits of civilization. Recommendations – how to protect yourself, expressed by the participants in the London conference, remind, by tagged characteristic of Dmitry Bogomazov, black and humorous rhyme Vadim Shefner: “Fish oil is more healthy than wine, drink without mines tragic! He will save from all diseases except sexually transmitted diseases. ” But in our age of returning to nature, it is better to give preference plain milk, remembering that it is not in vain that they give out free of charge to those who works in hazardous industries. It’s clear that it’s not necessary without need keep electrical appliances on and use them. It is clear that if possible, you need to feed your aura with “vitamins”: plant energetically active indoor plants in the house, listen music amplifying subtle vibrations (considered especially useful Mozart), use the beneficial radiation of crystals, not neglect the services of bioenergotherapists. But for those in whose aura coarse gluttonous vibrations have already settled, all these are measures rather supportive than real healing. According to experts, the process of self-destruction of the aura at the present level of development of science and technology is most likely irreversible.

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